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Item - Shockwave


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  • Flare gun: 1850
  • +35 Weapon Damage
  • +15% Lifesteal
  • [Active] Deal 400 Spell Damage to target Heroic unit. 60 second cooldown. Shares a cooldown with Sunflare Gun.

  • Shrapnel cloak: 2600
  • +300 Energy
  • +6 Armor
  • +18% Spell Resist
  • [Active] Deal 300 Spell Damage and disable all weapons on enemies in a 10-unit radius for 3 seconds. 60 second cooldown.

Shockwave: 4850

+500 energy

+25 lifesteal

+50 weapon damage


[Active] Deal 250(+15% of targets maximum hp) Spell Damage and Disable all weapons on enemies in a 8-unit radius for 3 seconds. 60 second cooldown.

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I don't understand why this is an AA item designed to shut down AA heroes.


Its stats are not particularly viable on AGI heroes (energy doesn't help damage, armor is useless by the time you can afford this item), so I don't think this will be viable in IH's, but it'll just reinforce the most effective pub meta (all carries). Heck, sunflare gun is a lot more viable on heroes that use weapon damage than this.


The only hero I could see this working on is Balrog, since he has low base armor, is an AA hero, has mana problems, and is designed to jump on the carry and murder him. But we don't have a lot of other bruiser-assassins. Maybe Cain. But Cain freezes his target, he doesn't need a little bit of extra burst for such a high cost because he's going to instagib people in general when played right.

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I think Balrog is a tank, but I agree that the item concept is confusing, is so expensive and it has mixed stats such as damage with spell resist and armor but also lifesteal o.O (well i'm talking about my suggestion to the suggestion because his suggestion is pay 5k for some mana and armor and an active you could have for 2600)

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I was trying to decide if it would be a better item for an agility hero or casters, so I just put random stuff up there. I was thinking for like a shadow it could grant weapon damage, lifesteal, and help with energy. But I also always thought that shrapnel cloak should have a sort of higher tier to it. Also its usually casters or tanks that get it so maybe it would be better to add spell resist, energy, and lifesteal?


Maybe 15% of maximum health is op?

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