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Quick Question - Shadowmourne


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Yes, Weapon Damage always refers to physical damage and items/certain skills that are activated upon a weapon attack such as pyre, FoE, criticals, etc. I'm fairly certain debuffs such as slow and damage amplification do 100% of effect from it still. I'm not sure if Pyre and damage related items do 100% damage or 30% damage from Shadowmourne though.

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Shadowmourne reduces the Shadow's WEAPON damage to 30%.

However, all other damage is at 100%.

For example:

A Shadow of Molgloo deals 33 + 8 * Lvl AoE True Damage per attack

A Shadow of Balrog deals 5% of Balrog's Maximum Health as bonus Physical Damage

A Shadow of Cain with a Pyre will have full Pyre damage

So since the Heroic Passive is procced as are all items in full, Shadowmourne is sorta broken.

I feel that it should just be "Shadows deal 50% damage"...

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Btw. why shadow from Shadowmourne has faster movement speed than target? Once I was LZ and my shadow was faster than me (I hadn't any slow procing on hit). And its true that item is still broken. It may do 1% of weapon damage and cost even more and still would be broken. Idea that it procing heroes heroic passives and all items like Pyre, FoE, CoA is simply horrible.

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