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-hero creation


- HP now decreases vision by 3 up from 2 and lasts

for 5 seconds up from 3.

- Q cd set to 12 seconds at all levels but range increased to +3/4/5/6 up from +1/2/3/4




Name: Truthfinder.Jennifer

Unit Base: Observer

Unit Portrait: Terran medic/scientist

Type: AA support

Script: Jennifer was a terran scientist doing field work in the outer reaches of known terran space. it was there that she ran into a group of Protoss that we suffering from a terrible disease. For whatever reason Jennifer was immune to this plague and by using some of her own blood was able to come up with a cure for the protoss. In gratitude the Protoss offered to grant one request to her that was within her power. Per her wishes the Protoss transfered her mind into a specially modified Observer so that Jennifer could study the entire universe at her leisure.


Starting Stats:Base

Health [200]

Movement Speed [2.75]

Attack Range [6.5] (Voidray Laser attack animation)

Attack Speed [1.85]

Base Damage [50]

Base Armor [1.7]

Strength – [26] + [5]

Agility – [20] + [3]

Intelligence – [35] + [8]







Heroic Passive: Blinding Laser

Enemy heros attacked by Jennifer lose all allied vision and have their sight radius reduced by 4 for 5 seconds. Sight reduction doesnt stack but the duration is refreshed if an enemy hero is attacked more than once in a three second period.

Energy Cost: n/a

Cooldown: n/a

Range: n/a


Note: this + maar's passive = ggnore





Ability One: Laser Extension

Jennifer overloads her observers mouted laser causing its next attack to have increased range and deals aditional dmg.

Energy Cost: 50/60/70/80

Cooldown: 12

Range: self

Level 1: +3 aa range, and deals 30(+60%int) spell dmg

Level 2: +4 aa range, and deals 50(+60%int) spell dmg

Level 3: +5 aa range, and deals 70(+60%int) spell dmg

Level 4: +6 aa range, and deals 90(+60%int) spell dmg






Ability two: Optical Enhancement

Upgrades to Jennifers optic sensors increase her, her allies, and her Sentry Drones vision range. This amount is doubled for her Sentry drones.

Energy Cost: passive

Cooldown: passive

Range: 10

Level 1: + 1 vision range

Level 2: + 2 vision range

Level 3: + 3 vision range

Level 4: + 4 vision range






Ability Three: Invisible-Mobile-Sentry Wards

Jennifer Releases one of her many Sentry drones(Small Observer unit base) to observe the surrounding area. Sentry Drones have 100% spell and true dmg resist, are invisible, have 10 hp, have 5 movement speed, can fly, and give vision in a 6 unit radius around themselves.

Energy Cost: 100

Cooldown: 20

Range: 5

Level 1: Maximum of 3 Sentry Drones

Level 2: Maximum of 5 Sentry Drones

Level 3: Maximum of 7 Sentry Drones

Level 4: Maximum of 9 Sentry Drones






Ultimate Ability: Optical Enlightenment

Jennifer pushes the limits to what her optical sensors can do. For the duration of Optical Enlightenment Jennifer and her allies gain vision of the entire map and jennifer along with all of her Sentry drones gain truesight vision.

Energy Cost: 200/250/300

Cooldown: 45/30/15

Range: global

Level 1: Optical Enlightenment lasts for 4 seconds.

Level 2: Optical Enlightenment lasts for 6 seconds.

Level 3: Optical Enlightenment lasts for 8 seconds.



Note: During Optical Enlightenment it would be appropraite to have a soothing song that starts to play in the background of the game or sparkles that cover the screen so that enemies know that they are beeing peeped upon.




Additional Information

-Jennifer is an aa support hero that strikes fear into her enemies by taking away their sight while giving her team total map control. though it would be difficult to play her as an aa carry because of her bad mobiliy and squishiness grabbing itmes such as Shrink ray, Contam shard, stun baton, executioners, and pyre will greatly add to the mayhem that her HP causes.





Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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I would have to say that a hero like this would seem to only be useful early game. The hero would be forced to go AA for any hope of usefulness late game (which would make the hero seem more of a AA//STR hero). (Final is basicly detection, and vision of map is fairly useful, but not in an actual team battle, since both teams would be on top of each other. I don't really see how he helps give team map control but he would be great at stopping back-doorers.

Laser extension could be abused tho, to kill towers (which isn't allowed i believe.). Altho I have to say that, two of these abilities. (Heroic passive, and map vision on final) were abilities I was going to use for a hero or two i was just about to make (Altho in a different way). ): Ya beat me to the punch.

I can say this hero is a primary counter towards: Shadow, Maar(passive) since it would help provide vision.

Item build I'd build would be: Argus Crystal, Yamato, Gravity Edge, Pyre, StarFury, FoE.

Argus and yamato would help make the Q ability much stronger, and also would make pyre better, and provide a stronger starfury. Since the Q ability extends range, Starfury would be incrediably useful. Foe is slow too

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knowing where ur opponent is at all times will allow your team to engage and catch your opponent out of position. often with a good initiation a team can win a 4v5 and this hero helps to make this possible. her HP(which i think i will buff after looking at it) takes away the vision of an enemy and if u cant see somthing u cant attack or use abilites on it. Her aa range is already longer than most heros and with her q she can hit those heros that tend to hid in the back making them unable to use abilites. it is true that she will be on the weak side late game but thats just how some heros are. she will need to use her map vision to help her carry gank and to win those early team fights and let her team win the game from there.

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