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[Hero] Viron.Volkov Re-Rework


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- Created


Name: Viron.Volkov

Portrait: Overmind

Unit Base: Fatty


Script: Viron's stomach is filled with a bountiful array of viral strains. Tasked by the Overmind to spread his contagion across the galaxies, he delights in spewing noxious fumes which control his various enemies and lessen their effectiveness in battle.

Use Viron's various abilities with good timing to be able to maintain their effects for longer, and then using Epidemic to give burst effect.


Starting Stats:

Base Health 250

Movement Speed 2.75

Attack Range 5

Attack Speed 1.8

Base Damage 43

Attack Name | Animation - Vicious Slime | Roach AA but purple.

Base Armor 2 [Disease-Laden Hide]

Strength – 24 + 6

Agility – 20 + 5

Intelligence – 32 + 7






Heroic Passive: Viral Catalyst

"All buffs and debuffs inflicted by Viron's abilities on units in a radius of 15 of Viron are refreshed whenever Viron casts an ability.

[One of the below]"

A) Whenever Viron suffers damage, the enemy that inflicted it takes 32 [+5 * Lvl] True Damage over 3 seconds.

B) Every 5th attack on Viron in 15 seconds causes the enemy to be stunned for 1 second.

C) Each time Viron suffers damage, he gains +10% Time Scale for 4 seconds.

D) Each time Viron suffers damage, the enemy that attacked him loses 10% Time Scale for 4 seconds.

E) The first attack on Viron in 10 seconds from the same hero stuns them for 1.5 seconds.


Effect: n_n Here have a completely different take on Viron-- one that uses debuffs that requires more skill than just spamming abilities on the same target.

A) Makes squishies not want to attack Viron as it will cause them to take an awful lot of damage

B) Makes Viron more resistant to AA heroes

C) Gives Viron a psuedo-escape

D) Punishes enemies for attacking Viron quite a bit.

E) oddly specific countermeasure. Each hero can only be affected by it after not attacking Viron for 10 seconds.




Ability One: Enhanced Anabolic Stimulant

"Target ally/enemy recovers Health/takes Spell Damage each second and gains/loses Time Scale for 5 seconds."

Energy Cost: 40/55/70/85

Cooldown: 18

Range: 7


Level 1: 15 [+10% INT] Health / Spell Damage per second. +/- 10% Time Scale.

Level 2: 22 [+10% INT] Health / Spell Damage per second. +/- 15% Time Scale.

Level 3: 29 [+10% INT] Health / Spell Damage per second. +/- 20% Time Scale.

Level 4: 36 [+10% INT] Health / Spell Damage per second. +/- 25% Time Scale.


Effect: Whilst simplistic it gets the job done and shouldn't be overbearing. A high damage potential that can only be reached by more skillful players, able to splat enemies with the debuffs with good timing.




Ability Two:

"Target ally is granted Debuff Immunity for a very brief period and a shield for 6 seconds.

Target enemy is silenced and is drained of mana."

Energy Cost: 40/55/70/85

Cooldown: 18

Range: 7


Level 1: 1.5 second Debuff Immunity. 50 [+50% INT] shields. 1.5 second Silence. Drains 2% of their maximum mana.

Level 2: 2.25 second Debuff Immunity. 80 [+50% INT] shield. 2.25 second Silence. Drains 3% of their maximum mana.

Level 3: 3 second Debuff Immunity. 110 [+50% INT] shield. 3 second Silence. Drains 4% of their maximum mana.

Level 4: 3.75 second Debuff Immunity. 140 [+50% INT] shield. 3.75 second Silence. Drains 5% of their maximum mana.


Effect: Hopefully not too powerful but a skilled player can chain together a lengthy silence.




Ability Three: Acrobatic Inhibitor

"Target enemy takes Spell Damage and loses Time Scale for 4 seconds each time they attack, stacking up to 5 times. Acrobatic Inhibitor lasts for 8 seconds at all levels.

Target ally becomes cloaked and is granted +25% Movement Speed for a few seconds."

Energy Cost: 40/55/70/85

Cooldown: 18

Range: 7


Level 1: 30 [+20% INT] Spell Damage, -3% Time Scale. Cloaks for 2 seconds.

Level 2: 50 [+20% INT] Spell Damage, -4% Time Scale. Cloaks for 3 seconds.

Level 3: 70 [+20% INT] Spell Damage, -5% Time Scale. Cloaks for 4 seconds.

Level 4: 90 [+20% INT] Spell Damage, -6% Time Scale. Cloaks for 5 seconds.


Effect: While certainly not Viron's most powerful ability it definitely serves to disrupt auto-attacking heroes and is quite powerful in laning as you can shut down the ability of enemies to attack as the damage is too high to be ignored.




Ultimate Ability: Epidemic

"Viron causes all buffs and debuffs that he has inflicted to spread to nearby units. Also, deals Spell Damage to enemies based on the number of debuffs applied by Viron and recovers allies based on the number of buffs applied by Viron."

Energy Cost: 200/325/450

Cooldown: 120/105/90 seconds

Range: Searches in 15 unit radius around Viron for effect. Applies damage/recover/application to units in a 5 unit radius of the ones with them already.


Level 1: Deals 80 [+60% INT] Spell Damage per debuff in an area around enemies. Recovers 80 [+60% INT] Health per buff in an area around allies.

Level 2: Deals 120 [+60% INT] Spell Damage per debuff in an area around enemies. Recovers 120 [+60% INT] Health per buff in an area around allies.

Level 3: Deals 160 [+60% INT] Spell Damage per debuff in an area around enemies. Recovers 160 [+60% INT] Health per buff in an area around allies.


Effect: Since it's explained poorly, have a scenario.

Viron throws his debuffs as follows:

Q on an enemy LZ

W on himself

E on an enemy Nova.

So now if he uses Epidemic, enemies within 5 range of LZ get the effect of Q IF LZ is within 15 units of Viron.

Additionally, any allies within 5 range of Viron get the effects of his W.

And then next, if Nova is within 15 range of Viron, enemies within 5 range of her get the E debuff.

But wait, there's more.

Enemies of Viron within a 5 unit range of Nova or LZ take 80/120/160 [+60% INT] damage-- which naturally would stack [if you're in both ranges, you get damaged from both].

And any allies within a 5 unit range of Viron heal 80/120/160 [+60% INT] Health.

The reason why I don't have it higher?

160 [+60X] * 3 = 480 [+180X] Spell Damage. ON TOP of whatever damage they take from the Q-W-E skills [so probably around 930 + 290% INT damage].




Additional Information


Recommended Item Build:





Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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whos viron? oh well maybe we should forget about him...wait what am i talking about? oh well so yeah hows the weather today guys?


its quite cold out... at least where im at it is


edit: on a slightly more serious note, does this count as a hero suggestion that should be added to the list? i mean its similar to old viron and he was an actual hero... and besides i didnt like him anyways :D

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I actually really like this rework with viron, The old viron was super strong early game but was super weak early game. I think this balances him out a lot making him so much more useful late game (timescale loss reducing weap speed cap).

One question: Does his final deal damage to the person effected with the debuff as well? because it says that it deals spell damage//heal around the enemy with the debuff.

I only have one problem, It would seem rather overpowered that his final deals so much Scaling damage with INT[with rather low base damage]. I'd like viron to come back, even tho i hate him x_x


-Edit- This seems both like a hero suggestion//character balance XD

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No he isn't. I just wanted to add more utility to him and the EASY way to do it was to give him abilities that do one thing versus an enemy and a different one on an ally.


Aerobic Phage is certainly a better name than Acrobatic Inhibitor, but then explain what happens when it hits allies.

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I don't understand.... Was Viron removed because he was UP? Viron was great at denying enemies- making him a support class can only mean that awesome denial aspect will have to be weaker. We have 3 great support heroes that are seeing more and more use right now. I really don't think we need more, at least for the moment, and I don't think the source should be Viron.


Heroic passive-

I like the buff refreshing thing. Does this come in addition to one of the effects? I'll assume so.

I think B) is best.


I really think he has more potential if his abilities just target enemies.

That said, I think you could build Viron several ways-

First, 100% single target debuffs, which would be stacked on a target.

Second, You could have him place his debuffs in areas (like "pools") on the ground. The debuffs would only last while the enemies are in the pool, but one of his abilities would be able to "reinforce" a debuff, making it last an extra 5 seconds out of the affected area.


For Q- I think this one is fine. This could be his pseudo-support ability, but I really think you should make some small changes to W and E.

For W-Just leave it at the silence/mana drain. And make it much stronger. 2% isn't going to do anything to anyone, and 1.5 second silence probably won't either. It's also really not long enough to give you time to refresh it with another cast, unless you chain them up, which you might not always be able to do. Don't worry whether it will be too strong, just remove the support aspect and you can make it so much stronger.

I think it should be 2/2.75/3.5/4.25 second silence, and 6%8%/10%/12% mana drain.

You can, if you want, sneak a support function in here though. How about if the drained mana is returned equally to you and all nearby allies? This seems rather interesting and unique to me, and doesn't disrupt the flow of his ability.

For E-I love the offensive one. As for the support one... it's not even related, mechanics wise, to the offensive one.. you wouldn't expect to see these two buffs on the same ability. The offensive debuff is already designed to stop enemies from focusing down your allies. I don't think it really needs a support side too, because it already serves a defensive purpose. If you were to remove the defensive side, and maximize the offensive side, it would end up protecting Viron's allies better. tbh though the offensive debuff seems strong enough already. I might only add (for really fast attackers like Shadow) that if they attack 5 times during the debuff, they get stunned for 1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds.

Ulti- Awesome, and fits in perfectly with his other abilities.

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