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[Hero] Special.Ops


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Later- Changed Satellite CD, (may change into an ability instead of passive)

Changed Scaling and base damage and range on Spec Op's Shot from 90//170//250//330[+150%weap] R:10 phy damage to 75//140//205//270[+60% Weap] Spell Damage at R:8 Also lowered energy cost by 20

Lowered Lv1 Mines energy cost by 5 all levels. Also fixed a typo habbit. The mines are supose to take up 1 unit in diameter not radius. Slightly Increased damage on Ability 1 mines from 30//45//60//75[+20%int] to 30//50//70//90[+25%int].

Lowered CD on Heroic passive, causing people to time the heroic passive, instead of just spamming it once Cd is over. Added description of how it relates to Temple Siege and change towards AoS.


(From Temple Siege [sCI])

Name: Special.Ops

Portrait: Marine

Unit Base: Marine

Type: DPS//Ambusher

Script: A Specialize hero who is skilled in engineering and special missions to attack his enemies. He has many enhancements to help his battle and has even survived the great battles during the battle of Temple Siege. He now turns towards the Sanctum to fully use his powers to help allies and ambush foes.


Starting Stats:

Base Health [250]

Movement Speed [2.5] (Passive can grant speed to about 3.31)

Attack Range [3.5]

Attack Speed [1.4] (Would be 1.7 but passive reduces it)

Base Damage [48] (-35% from passive)

Base Armor [2]

Strength – [22] + [5]

Agility – [32] + [7]

Intelligence – [22] + [5]







Heroic Passive: Special Suit [W]

"Increase Special Op's Movement Speed, Attack speed, and Timescale for 15 seconds at the cost of some Hp. In addition: Special Ops Attack speed is very low, but deals reduced damage. Special Op's base Weapon speed attacks from 1.7 to 1.4 at the cost of 35% weapon damage causing Special Ops to have a base weapon speed of 1.4 and deals 65% his weapon damage."

Cost: 10% Max Hp (Required, can not kill youself with)

Cooldown: 5

Range: Self

Level: Gain +15% Timescale, +15% Movement Speed, and +15% Attack Speed for 15 seconds.


Effect: In Temple Siege, Spec ops could sacrifice 10 hp to gain +50% movement speed and 100% attack speed. He was balanced to have this stat always on him. Tried to balance that the hero would primarily always have this effect on Spec Ops, only having to manage its use, and not forgetting to use it either.




Ability One: Special Op's Mines

"Special Ops plants a mine. Each mine can last 3 minutes and is cloaked. The mine upon placement takes 3 seconds to burrow before cloaking and becoming active. If any enemy unit comes within a 7 unit radius of the mine, the mine will take 1 second to unburrow (uncloak) and will then charge the enemy (if he is cloaked or uncloaked) Mines take up 1 unit (diameter) and deal 50% Splash damage to enemies. Mines will also deal 50% splash damage to self or allies (But non-fatal to allies). Mines have a movement speed of 7 and deal spell damage in an AoE of 2 unit radius. Mines have 80+10*lv Hp and 60% Spell Resistance."

Energy Cost: 25//35//45//55

Cooldown: 10//8//6//4 [3 Charges]

Range: 4 (placement)


Level 1: Deals 30[+25% int] Spell Damage

Level 2: Deals 50[+25% int] Spell Damage

Level 3: Deals 70[+25% int] Spell Damage

Level 4: Deals 90[+25% int] Spell Damage


Effect: While the spell damage may be low, you can stack quite a bit in an area to deal significant damage, especially for anti gank. Additional Info: Mines give a vision of 3 around them, and will only target an enemy within their sight radius. If the target dies, or moves beyond 30 unit radius of the mine, the mine will reburrow itself upon it's current location. Mines aren't effected by Maar's Passive. Mines last 3 minutes. Similar to Temple siege where he could lay mines, could spam them. altho they had a fixed damage, and did not scale, and did much less damage if the enemy was running. They did FF and could kill ally//self. the mines didn't have a time limit tho and could last forever and spam up to 500 (ALOT). Adding timer and not as stackable is more balanced in converting to AoS. This was primary way to kill enemy creeps and your own creeps for XP//money.




Ability Two: Military Satellite [Passive]

"Special Ops will automaticly spawn a Satellite (vessel) to follow him. The satellite is controlable and has 2 set abilities (Both with auto-cast on) and gives detection around it. Satellite will also priortize enemy heroes or ally heros upon using a auto-cast ability. Upon death, it will take the given time to respawn. Satellite has Hp: 140+20*lv. The abilities the satellite has are Defense Shielding (Gives shields for 60 seconds) and Posion Gas (Applying a debuff on a target causing him to take true damage to the target and enemies in a Aoe 1 unit radius from him every second for 25 seconds) both a casting radius of 8 from satellite. Satellite can not target the same person with Defense shields for 10 seconds."

Energy Cost: None

Cooldown: 35//25//15//5

Range: Self


Level 1: Satellite takes 35 seconds to respawn, has a Detection radius of 3. [CD:18]Defense Shield grants: +60[+30% int] Shields, [CD:30]Posion Gas deals: 4[+2%int] True damage per second.

Level 2: Satellite takes 25 seconds to respawn, has a Detection radius of 4. [CD:14]Defense Shield grants: +100[+30% int] Shields, [CD:24]Posion Gas deals: 6[+2%int] True damage per second.

Level 3: Satellite takes 15 seconds to respawn, has a Detection radius of 5. [CD:10]Defense Shield grants: +140[+30% int] Shields, [CD:18]Posion Gas deals: 8[+2%int] True damage per second.

Level 4: Satellite takes 5 seconds to respawn, has a Detection radius of 6. [CD:6]Defense Shield grants: +180[+30% int] Shields, [CD:12]Posion Gas deals: 10[+2%int] True damage per second.


Effect: Vessel is an Air unit, has a 8 unit Sight radius, is controlable (on spawn will be set to follow spec ops), and has a movement speed of 3. (An ability spec ops had was a basicly a science vessal, for def matrix, and irratiate, and also detection and vision during the "Night" time during the battle when you had limited sight, and cloaking worked.




Ability Three: Special Op's Rifle

"Shoot an enemy with a special scope. Upon getting a successful hit, Special Ops gains Physical and Spell Resistance for 2.5 seconds. The Rifle deals Spell Damage. Takes 0.6 seconds to channel, and 0.6 seconds to recover from the shot."

Energy Cost: 70//90//110//130

Cooldown: 18//16//14//12

Range: 8


Level 1: Deals 75 [+60% Weapon Damage] Spell Damage. Gain +30% Physical and Spell Resistance for 2.5 seconds.

Level 2: Deals 140 [+60% Weapon Damage] Spell Damage. Gain +40% Physical and Spell Resistance for 2.5 seconds.

Level 3: Deals 205 [+60% Weapon Damage]Spell Damage. Gain +50% Physical and Spell Resistance for 2.5 seconds.

Level 4: Deals 270 [+60% Weapon Damage] Spell Damage. Gain +60% Physical and Spell Resistance for 2.5 seconds.


Effect: This ability is good for harassing enemies especially since it is spammable. (Primarily this ability in temple siege, made spec ops invulnerable temporarily and granting massive attack damage and some range, at the cost of some attack speed and movement speed temporarily)




Ultimate Ability: Special Op's Mine Drone

"Takes 1 second of channleing. Special Ops deploys an invulnerable mine drone towards an area. The drone will move towards the area (vision or not and ignoring terrain) spawning a special mine every half a second. The Mine drone lasts 6 seconds. After the mine drone's duration is up, it will disappear and spawn an additional 4 mines from where it disappeared. Each mine will burrow after 3 seconds of spawned time and when unburrowed, will take 1 second before charging it's target (at a speed of 8), and will target any unit that comes within a 3 unit radius of it. They deal splash damage in an AoE of 2 unit Radius and deal 50% splash damage to enemies near the target and allies//self near the target (Non-fatal towards allies). Each mine has Hp equal to 10% of Special Op's Max Hp and 30% Spell Resistance. The mines will last up to 20 seconds each, and are undetectable. They deal Spell damage. The mine drone can travel at a speed of 5 units per second."

Energy Cost: 250//425//600

Cooldown: 90//70//50

Range: 30 (Doesn't require vision)


Level 1: Each mine deals 40[+25% Int] spell damage

Level 2: Each mine deals 70[+25% Int] spell damage

Level 3: Each mine deals 100[+25% Int] spell damage


Effect: The mine drone will spawn a total of 16 mines over 6 seconds. Mines are undetectable even by true sight (but can still take damage, and only cloaked when burrowed) Boundary scanner shud work also on these mines(unless game mechanics), have a sight of 3 and can only target enemies within vision. Mines will not be effected by Maar's passive. Mines last only 20 seconds. Was used primarily for defense and easy creep killing. In temple siege it was controlable and spamable (it spawned about 30 mines and spamable and up to 500 mines max[Temple siege had nearly no CD except on transformations]) The horror of it. Make more balance in AoS by putting CD, and putting a low time limit on the final and not making controlable, so it is hovoring over a team the entire time or causing a curve bubble field.




Additional Information

This hero can be build towards Int or AA, altho AA is suggested. It is difficult to hit enemies with mines, but they are a great way to kill creeps or to deny an escape path of an enemy.

This was the closest way i could think of, of converting the Temple Siege hero, towards AoS hero way.

Suggested Build: Pyre, Stun Baton, Time Splitter, Masamune, Yamato Reactor, Darwin's Might. [Pyre, stun baton is for excessive amount of hits, timesplitter for max attack speed and lower timescale of enemy, masamune and reactor to increase max attack speed cap further, and Darwin's might, for Hp and some leech especially to help the Heroic passive easily managable.) Note: With Max attack speed, his attack speed is 0.35, (1.75 for 5 attacks, probably 1.3 with all the timescale. This would make eletrical mantle, Shrapnel, and spell resistance[For pyre since that will be the highest damager] more effective vs this AA. Shrink Ray would also prove useful vs this hero. Dark steel titan too.)



Closing statement

Thanks for reading

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Congrats on making hero suggestion # 200 bro :)


I think his W(The passive vessel ability) needs a little work. i would say that how long it takes it to come back should be much shorter at early levels and longer at later levels maybe even just 25 seconds at all levels. also the cd on its abilities i think is a little to long. i would say make both of the cd's to maybe 10ish seconds at all levels and then maybe make the poison last less time but do a tiny bit more dmg per second.


for his q mines since it sounds like u cant stack them they need to deal a decent more dmg maybe even doulbe what u have. though if i have misread and they can stack on top of each other i would say only a slight dmg buff.


his E is wayy to strong if u want to give it really high scaling its base dmg needs to be way down if u want the base dmg to be that high u need to take the scaling and reduce it by almost half. also i would vote for less resists but for a longer period of time.

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I think his E, despite of the physical damage "countered" by armor, 330+150% WD would be too much, the highest non-ult damage of the game if I'm not wrong, and look at the range, at lvl 7 you could have this skill maxed, and you could deal much more damage than Raynor with Kill Shot, and with a similar range.

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The problem wish E i was thinking about is that, during the .6 seconds it takes to channel, and .6 second of immbolization afterwards, primarily, his AA would actually deal way more damage. (you could get a good 4 hits 230% Weap damage from 4 hits also procing pyre, or stunbaton all those times. Altho the issue i have to agree with is that, it deals to much damage early game (Since armor isn't really a problem), and the range is fairly long.

I wasn't going to make the Satellite ability a passive, but then, the hotkey for Heroic, would be diff, and he would have no passive. I may change it to a summon ability. (Temple siege had no passives, so it is hard to convert especially, and balance) Also, the mines, are supose to be 1 unit diameter xD. putting a big wall like 3x3 or 4x4 can add up to be alot of damage.

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I automatically dislike this hero because Quistmann said he was going to make a fantastic hero for the 200th hero. =[


I have no other comment, I don't particularly like or dislike his abilities-- but his W ability seems to do too much. XD

Hero was hard to transfer. Was trying to transfer abilities (nearly same) from a Starcraft 1 map (which actually uses creating units to cause ability effects, [i.e. create a scourge the spawns mines that is controllable and move around) so it was kinda sloppy. Not to mention that Temple siege, abilities go towards Spell 1 = Small ability, Spell 2 = standard ability, spell 3 = Special Ability, Spell 4 = ultimate. Kinda hard to make it similar or the same without typing a paragraph. xD

Also... i didnt no quistmann was going to make a 200th hero :O. Sry ): but he some of the hero suggestions he has made seem to somewat make it to AoS. (Crackling's heroic passive is actually a suggested heroic passive on one of his ling heros. Also a new hero is being named called Ariel Hanson, who is a medic, and Quistmann's hero is a medic named Ariel Watson[suggested awhile ago]. (SO CLOSE 2 letters off xD).

I like to be specific so people can qualify what every thing is. (Alot of abilities that shoot out something don't have projectile speed [which can actually make a diff] or watever. ect. ect.)

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