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[Hero] Zandarach.Aural DELETE DELETE DELETE


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Name: Zandarach.Aural

Unit Base: Dragoon

Type: Agility, Tank via Evasion

Script: Zandarach used to be a high ranking commander on the carrier Auriel when the ship was shot down. He was then placed into a dragoon, and became very good at moving quickly. Since then, he has since founded the Dragool Caste.

Starting Stats:

Base Health: 200

Movement Speen: 2.95

Attack Range: 4

Attack Speed: 1.8

Base Damage: 25

Base Armor: 1.5

Strength: 25 + 5

Agility: 25 + 7

Intelligence: 15 + 4


Heroic Passive: Dragool Agility

In-Game Description: Zandarach is very agile in body and mind, and has a 10% + 25% level chance to block all spell damage.


Effect: Helps make up for Zandarach's low health, and gives him additional "spell evasion".

Note: The maximum evasion chance is 14.5%


Ability One (Q): Aural Cannon

In-Game Description: Zandarach uses a pulse cannon from the fallen Aural. Stuns and does a small amount of damage to the target.


Energy Cost: 75, 95, 110, 150

Cooldown: 20


Level 1: Next attack stuns for .5 seconds and does 20% weapon damage

Level 2: Next attack stuns for 1 seconds and does 30% weapon damage

Level 3: Next attack stuns for 2 seconds and does 40% weapon damage

Level 4: Next attack stuns for 3 seconds and does 50% weapon damage.


Ability Two (W): Adrenaline Circuits

In-Game Description: Zandarach activates his Adrenaline Circuits, and gives a movement speed boost


Energy Cost: 100

Cooldown: 26, 28, 30, 32


Level 1: 6% Movement Speed for 6 seconds

Level 2: 8% Movement Speed for 8 seconds.

Level 3: 10% Movement Speed for 10 seconds.

Level 4: 12% Movement Speed for 12 seconds.


Ability Three (E): Aural Boosters (Passive)

In-Game Description: Zandarach gains a booster from the fallen Aural, and gains passive evasion.


Level 1: 6% evasion

Level 2: 9% evasion

Level 3: 12% evasion

Level 4: 15% evasion


Ultimate Ability ®: Auram Interceptor

In-Game Description: Zandarach calls in an interceptor from his new shio, the Auram. It attaches to his dragoon, and gives him bonusses.


Energy Cost: 200, 215, 225

Cooldown: 90, 120

Un-Leveled Abilities: Adds 1% evasion to Aural Boosters, 2% movement speed to Adrenaline Circuits, and .5 seconds to Aural Cannon's stun


Level 1: Interceptor stays for 30 seconds

Level 2: Interceptor stays for 45 seconds

Level 3: Interceptor stays for 60 seconds


Closing Comments: I created this character to be a different kind of tank, based on being a speedy evader. Hope you like. If you think it is horrible, I don't mind. Just say why. =)



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