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In another thread about asking Pubbers to join mumble, many people had different reasons as to why they either didnt want to or couldn't join mumble. I was thinking about this and i might have a solution. We create a chat channel for premade groups that want to play a game against a team of 5 mumblers. Premades have played against mumblers before but not on such a large scale and i feel like this would benefit the aos community in a few different ways.


1) By playing together the community would become closer together.


2) as it has been stated the Mumble community is smaller than it has been in the past and as such is less active. this would help them become more active without having to make people join mumble for people who either cant or dont want to.


3) It would help clear the streets of those Evil premade pub-stomping groups.


4) During beta testing periods it would be easier for Pubs to be a part of the testing process and help shape the game.


Just to clarify, this isn't an ih elitist i want to stomp pubs thread. I know that many of the "Pubstar" premade groups that run around together are as good or better than many of the mumblers and would make for some great games. I know that the aos mumble and pub communities have not been on the best of terms lately but i hope that can change. We all play the same game and should be one community, not the mumblers and the pubbers, but The Aos Community :)


also... huggles :D

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This channel was TheGodlies during the end of 4.x and all of 5.x, actually had more people then the sotis channel during parts or 5.x. A lot of ih'ers came from that channel.

Also, while you may not believe it, there was very little rage or bm in that channel, until eternity started spamming his message to join mumble, then he got raged at.

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Named after TheGodlies1 and TheGodlies2... The 4.0/5.0 ih players, though I think TheGodlies2 wasn't nearly as good as TheGodlies1. They quit around the time when that fail kill the side creeps and let them become part of the army mechanic was introduced (like many others).


G1 left after D3 came out, although he was on last night, and G2 was working twelves last time i saw him.

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