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[Hero] Brixin.Horror


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Hero Created





Name: Brixin.Horror

Portrait: Hybrid Destroyer

Unit Base: Hybrid Destroyer (Shadow like, similar towards maar's look, he has a black blade [called a vortex blade], inwhich he uses to attack, yet the sword itself shoots a projectile towards the target).

Type: Str AA//Caster//Support (Primarily really helps with teamwork)

Script: I DONT NO XD IM BAD AT STORIES // ORIGINS (Dark evil person who has evil powers of haunting enemies and using horrors and curses upon them, he is from the spawn of darkness, ect ect.)


Starting Stats:

Base Health [300]

Movement Speed [2.8]

Attack Range [4] Vortex Blade

Attack Speed [1.7~2]

Base Damage [46]

Base Armor [2]

Strength – [29] + [7] Primary

Agility – [22] + [5]

Intelligence – [22] + [5]







Heroic Passive: Echoes of Horror

"The bloody cries of horror's from Brixin's enemy upon taking spell damage or physical damage also deal an additional 3% True damage (before mitigation) in an 8 unit Radius of the targeted (including primary target). "



Effect: i.e. an auto attack deals 200 damage, all enemies in a 8 unit radius take an additional 6 true damage. You deal 300 spell damage to 10 targets, it deals 9 extra true damage to all targets in AoE 8 from the where the enemy got hit (adding up to 90 true damage bonus damage). True damage doesn't proc echo's of horror (thus getting gravity edge would actually lower the effects to about 2%).




Ability One: Blade of Horrors

"Brinix slashes using a dark aura in an AoE of 2 unit radius infront of him causing them to take 100% Weapon damage as physical damage and adding a debuff (does not count towards the bonus damage for the debuff). The blade then causes enemies to then take spell damage and additional damage after 6 seconds, based on the amount of damage the enemy has taken during the debuff."

Energy Cost: 70//100//130//160

Cooldown: 30//28//26//24

Range: 3


Level 1: Deals 60 [+60% int] + [24% Damage taken during debuff] spell damage

Level 2: Deals 110 [+60% int] + [36% Damage taken during debuff] spell damage

Level 3: Deals 160 [+60% int] + [48% Damage taken during debuff] spell damage

Level 4: Deals 210 [+60% int] + [60% Damage taken during debuff] spell damage


Effect: Similar towards Rory's fire grenade, except only tick 1 time, at a higher percentage, but at a lower duration too.




Ability Two: Dark Seal

"Apply a sealing circle on an are in an AoE of 3 unit Radius. Upon placing it, it takes 2 seconds to active inwhich it will deal spell damage and silence enemies who were inside it."

Energy Cost: 55//80//105//130

Cooldown: 28//25//22//19

Range: 12


Level 1: Deal 80 [+80% int] Spell damage ; Silence: 2 seconds

Level 2: Deal 140 [+80% int] Spell damage ; Silence: 3 seconds

Level 3: Deal 200 [+80% int] Spell damage ; Silence: 4 seconds

Level 4: Deal 260 [+80% int] Spell damage ; Silence: 5 seconds


Effect: Type commentary here.




Ability Three: Blending with the Shadow [Passive and ability]

"If Brixin hasn't taken damage in 6 seconds, he and allies in a radius of 8 gain movement speed. Brixin can active this ability, temporarily disabling the passive for 6 seconds if he blinks. Cooldown for blink is also 6 seconds."

Energy Cost: 10//15//20//25

Cooldown: 6

Range: 8


Level 1: +8% Movement Speed ; Blink: 3.5 units

Level 2: +12% Movement Speed ; Blink: 4 units

Level 3: +16% Movement Speed ; Blink: 4.5 units

Level 4: +20% Movement Speed ; Blink: 5 units


Effect: A Passive for giving movement speed during a chase, It is his choice to blink or not for an escape or chase. Is it worth the sacrifice?




Ultimate Ability: Endless Torment

"Channel 2 second (Channel break ends at range 8). Target an enemy, causing him to take True Damage per second and reduce their healing. Enemies around the targeted unit in AoE 5 will take Spell damage per second they are near the target. Lasts 25 seconds. This debuff can not be removed."

Energy Cost: 200//350//500

Cooldown: 170//140//110

Range: 6


Level 1: Deals 10 [+4% int] True damage per second. Enemies around the target take 20[+6% int] per second. Reduces target's healing by 60%

Level 2: Deals 15 [+4% int] True damage per second. Enemies around the target take 30 [+6% int] per second. Reduces target's healing by 75%

Level 3: Deals 20 [+4% int] True damage per second. Enemies around the target take 40 [+6% int] per second. Reduces target's healing by 90%


Effect: Slowly kills the enemy, forcing him to retreat, or just attack the enemy and try to bring them down with him. This ability is dangerous around alot of units, since the spell damage will slowly kill them, but not only that, if you have say 15 units getting hit, 3% of each of that will be reflected upon everyone (Heroic passive) causing them to take even more damage and the target himself, causing the target to have to isolate himself from allies, or damage them. The reason it deals true damage is so nitrogen won't work on it, and the heroic passive won't work on the primary target since it is true damage. Reduces healing so the damage isn't useless, or else hp regen could be higher.

Note: The total damage without enemies around would then be 250//375//500 +100% int over 25 seconds, and since it is not spell damage, argus and yamato active//passive doesnt effect damage.




Additional Information

I really don't no what this hero would go for, but it seems like it would be a good support, since it would allow ppl to help kill tanks, stop casters, or stop AA depending on the ability. I kinda rushed the hero.

-Edit- I may switch the hero to Int, it just doesn't seem like an STR hero.



Closing statement

Thanks for reading

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Echoes, not Echo's.


You completely killed the atmosphere with that mistake.

I no good at english. ): Also, i kinda rush, and don't proof read my writing until days after I've made the post. I don't no why...


Really, it isn't STR hero, he is INT,

Yea i noted that in additional info. The hero is kinda a hybrid of caster//Close range.

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I think we need more INT tanks like erekul, but there has to be a way to counter AGI heroes with him or he will be underplayed. I would suggest making his seal also disable weapons like shrapnel cloak.


A tank needs utility. Erekul has the advantage of giving heals to his whole team, making an AA carry useless, and having a powerful finisher, so he is somewhat useful even if he is not focused (although he is much more useful if focused).

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