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Jakk better support


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This thread is not to make him stronger, just make him fun or feel less "tedious", and help his support role


first one is for his skill that makes him a "support", i hate that it last only 4min, and you have to walk to spot, it just incovienient. and considering this skill is what helps in his support role


#my suggestion for spyder ward

=reduce the amount you can have, make it permernent, make the amount by lvl 2,3,4,5, and make the cast range 12 units, or make it last 10min and by lvl 2,4,6,8


=and give the ward the ability to detect unit, not see invisible units, but to put that red dot on ground when unit there

-and again the point is to help his support role and stop ganking, and also make it different than sentry wards


- i figured the point of this skill is to stop ganking thus the support role, by placeing them in stragetic posisiton, but if you have to walk there...whats stoping you from dying on way,


-the second reason for range is just incovienient to walk to where you want it, which makes people too lazy to place them there.


#Second skill i wana change a bit is his Ult romote mine


=reduce the amount you can have to 8, and just give him charges (like murloc shotgun skil), and make it 30 sec cooldown per charge, and the bomb timer to 12min, and 1.5 sec between use. and increase time before explosion from 1.5 to 2.0


-this is for convienents, b/c you have stay same spot for like a min just spaming bomb for 1min (makes you miss fights), just to have 8, and it just tedious to just stay and spam, makes hero less fun


-its just not fun staying at 1 place and spaming a skill for 2min

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Jakk.Summers ultimate ability is not useless, anyone that says so is an idiot, plain and simple. I have been playing him exclusively the past few days, and he is extremely powerful in the right hands. I usually get a Lockbox and an Impact Dial for the initiation/escape abilities, Lockbox an enemy hero, lay mines down, and escape with Impact Dial if you need to. Or Impact Dial into enemy, lockbox enemy, lay mines, finish them off with stun/auto attack.

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you never used wards very much.....i didnt watch whole thing but half, id take your word on it


i just feel like his wards need to last longer and have range, i mostly place em areas, so i can see when some one is coming to gank me, i just wanted it to last longer so i dont have to go replace em every 4min, and range so i dont have to walk there, my idea is just for conviennience, i not saying his skills useless (read). and same for ult...my ideas may not be the best, but u get what i going for

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I'd just like to say both his wards and ultimate work great in competitive matches where warding and knowing where enemies are is key... Red Hydra does quite well with him. He will constantly lay mines and when he's weak run over the spot where the ultimate mines are laid on the long lanes and it usually works out very well.

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