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[Hero] Gestalt.Zero (Go to Zandarach.Aural)


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I am no longer working on this character, follow this link to the new one. http://www.aeonofstorms.com/index.php?/topic/1922-hero-zandarachaural-v1/


V1. Created

V2- abilities balanced, changed to be more tanky.


Name: Gestalt.Zero

Portait: Gabriel Tosh, with protoss appendages instead of hair.

Unit Base: Ghost + Zealot

Type: Agility, Tank

Script: Gestalt was formerly a ghost and recieved usual training. Recently, he was implanted with templar-grade protoss appendages. Read more about him here: starcraft.wkia.com/wiki/Gestalt_Zero. (I didn't have time to write the full story, Will add on more later)



Starting Stats:

Base Health: 225

Movement Speed: 3

Attack Range: 5

Attack Speed: 2

Base Damage: 30

Base Armor: 1

Strength: 20 + 3

Agility: 30 + 7

Intelligence: 25 +5




Heroic Passive: Mind Storm

In-game Description: Gestalt has a very wary mind, and can deflect spells to damage opponents. Gives Gestalt a 10% + 50% level chance to block all spell damage .


Effect: Makes Gestalt a good counter to strong casters. Also makes him good late game with high damage deflection in addition to spell resist.


Ability One: Knockout Dart

In-Game Description: Gestalt fires his signature knockout dart, doing damage and stunning for a duration.


Energy Cost: 75

Cooldown: 20 Seconds

Range: 8


Level 1: Deals 50% Weapon Damage and stuns for .5 seconds.

Level 2: Deals 75% Weapon Damage and stuns for 1 seconds.

Level 3: Deals 100% Weapon Damage and stuns for 1.5 seconds.

Level 4: Deals 125% Weapon Damage and stuns for 2 seconds.


Effect: Does decent damage, and helps Gestalt pick off low health enemies


Ability 2: Templar Agility

In-Game Description: (Passive) Gestalt moves gains evasion each time he is attacked, stacking up to 3 times. Death or true damage removes all stacks.

Level 1: + 5% evasion each time he is attacked

Level 2: + 7% evasion each time he is attacked

Level 3: + 9% evasion each time he is attacked

Level 4: + 12% evasion each time he is attacked


Effect: Makes it easier for Gestalt to survive in tight situations, and makes up for his relatively short range. Deactivation by true damage makes sure that the ability does not become OP.


Ability 3: Energy Detection

In-Game Description: Gestalt focusses his mind on searching for psionic energy, and can locate people based on their level.


Energy Cost: 50

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Range: 20


Level 1: Pinpoints enemies below level 5

Level 2: Pinpoints enemies below level 10

Level 3: Pinpoints Enemies below level 15

Level 4: Pinpoints Enemies below level 19


Effect: Allows location of potential threats, and of coming ganks.


Ultimate Ability: Dual Flurry

In-Game Description: Using his skills with psi blades, Gestalt becomes a fast melee fighter for 8 seconds


Energy Cost: 150

Cooldown: 60 Seconds

Range: 3


Level 1: Weapons attack 40% faster

Level 2: Weapons attack 50% faster

Level 3: Weapons attack 60% faaster


Effect- Causes Gestalt to have much higher dps for a short time

Additional Information: This is my first post, I hope you like it.


Closing Statement: Give me any suggestions, I know this probably has some faults.


This hero has been changed to a new hero named Zandarach.Aural.

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Interesting hero, but way to over powered, majority of the abilities will make him easily superior towards any other AA hero. Hard part about making a hero is, you have to visualize, what would happen if you go a certain build.


Knockout Dart: The stun duration is massive, nearly same as zeratuls final except stunned too.

Movement Speed Passive: It is kinda to high for a passive. I'd suggest lowering it towards, 6/10/14/18% Movement Speed. (It shudn't be high since its a standard ability)

I don't really understand the energy detector. It is toggle? with a massive CD?

Dual Flurry: The ability is waay to strong. 6 seconds is about 15 attacks or so. If your enhancing the attack, your enhancing crit output, and leech output. This ability would make it way to easy to pulverise a tower. (1500 damage per .5 seconds towards a tower, that will destroy it fast, and AA heros already do that without the buff)

P.S. the passive relys completely on luck, and i believe ecko doesn't want that. It would rely completely on luck, since a cyprus's final might do 0 damage when it shud do 2500 damage making the difference of the game.

Also for a good hero, don't rely on Pure scaling, all attacks should have a base damage + scaling. (i.E. Knockout dart: Deals 70+[60%weapon damage] and stuns for 1 second)

Alot of the Effect: that you have it purposed for, are kinda towards the opposite, knockout dart would be extremely useful in killing a tank, (since they cant do anything for 5 seconds) [vs a low hp unit, it would only take 2 seconds to kill]

Mind Storm: Is actually extremely strong towards high bursting casters, since it can nullify an entire attack.

Sorry If I'm being harsh, but I haz to give honest opinion.

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Q and R completely gamebreaking, 5 second stun is just retarded, and even in melee range x2 weapon damage is stupid, and using Q when he has R active is even more unblanaced, if you have 400 dmg coz u are dps, you will have 800, and deal 1600 with a single Q, and 5 second stun, so you will be able to deal 2400 damage per second, in that 5 secs you will deal 13500 damage (without counting armor and spell resist).

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