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Tosh Builds


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There are two builds for Tosh: one that relies on his ultimate having max A.S. and therefore on items that need procs to be effective, with the other focusing on regular DPS and NOT using ultimate. Just going to post final builds, not items that you get early game (Duran's Mechete, similar). Get items in whatever order you perceive best.


Proc based build for me is: Pyre, Stun Batton, Agressor's Guide, Timesplitter, FoE, Sliptyde Scythe


with optional items being: E Mantle, Organic Carapace, Lightning Rod, Nitrogen Retrofit, Yamato Reactor, taser


Normal AA build: Pyre, HoM, FoE, Galactic Defender, C Shard, Time Splitter


optional items: Khali Blade, Arcbound Ravager, 2nd HoM, Darwin's Might, E Mantle, Taser

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There are two main ways to build Tosh. One way is to get basic AA dps items with leech and crit (boring!). The other way (much more fun imo) is to buy items which benefit his ultimate. This is the path I usually take and my build looks something like this:


Start with a :Sustainer: . Heals your specs quite fast and is good for lane sustain with a couple of :EnergyCapsule: .


The next items you can get in whatever order you want, but generally my end game build looks like :




Activate the Yamato Reactor during your ultimate. I'm pretty sure that Time scale reduces the attackspeed cap, (but I'm not sure since the introduction of CDR).


Alternatively you can swap out the Lightning Rod for other situational items. For example: Silversoul for bonus 15% movementspeed everytime you stun somone, an Executioners Axe if you face someone with high leech, or a HoM for some non-ulti DPS, Nitrogen for more health and extra slows from pyre and your E, Warpshard into SHC (is always handy), Electric mantle for an extra stun, etc. It just depends on the enemy.



Edit: Noooooo I got ninja'd!!!!!!!


@Doom. What does the Sliptyde Scythe do?


Edit2: Don't get the Explosive Retrofit, get the Sliptyde Scythe (thanks Doom ^_^ )

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Yah Doom is pretty much on the mark with regards to Tosh, though I would not go 100% AA build on him as is the case in the proc based build. Tosh is rather OP right now and has been rather OP for an extremely long time because of this myth that Tosh is hard to play and requires skill or something along those lines. Granted most Tosh players stink with him, but that is just because of ignorance rather than lack of skill.


Pyre and Sliptyde Scythe you definitely want and the other 4 items can be tanky/defensive in nature. Most important of these items would be electric mantle because if an enemy AA hero gets the jump on you, they get stunned which allows you to counter and get the jump on them. Electric Mantle also gives good cooldown reduction which is obviously something nice to have since you only want to engage enemies when your ultimate is not on cooldown.


Also, since you get no physical leech from when you are using your ultimate, you need some form of sustain and don't really want to invest much in lifesteal, but more importantly you want solid sustain for your spectres so I would also get an external drive (this is also the only hero I would ever get this item on because of how important your spectres are). Your last two items would be a Korhal Vanguard and a Spell Buffer. Spectres have 60% spell resist but add on the 8% spell resist from Korhal and the 15% spell resist from spell buffer and you now your spectres have extremely high spell resist (not 83% because of diminishing returns but something close to that). Tosh also has a crap load of spell resist from electric mantle (20%), spell buffer (35%), korhal (18%), and sliptyde scythe (33%), plus solid health regen from spell buffer and external drive.


As for AA heroes and Tosh well AA heroes can't do anything to him for the most part if they are permastunned from spectres while taking true damage themselves and due to the very high spell resist of Tosh's spectres and the constant health sustain from external drive and to since killing Tosh is all about blasting away the spectres first, that extra spell resist and sustain dedicated to his spectres from the aforementioned items makes Tosh extremely difficult to deal with unless his allies stink to high heaven and he gets jumped by a whole team at once.

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Yes, item procures is the way I go. And by the time you get Agressors Guise and FoE, you're quite tanky.


A third build not mentioned could be a Int and CoA build for his specters, though I don't recommend it...


Aggressor's Guise is pointless on him as he already maxes out his movement speed from his ultimate. Secondly FoE is pointless because with spectres and his Q you end up stun locking the target anyways. The key to beating Tosh is to take out his spectres, but if you make his spectres really hard to destroy with spell damage, and keep them constantly healing, Tosh is a huge pain in the butt to deal with provided Tosh is vigilant about not jumping into battle when his ult is on cooldown.


At the moment he is one of those heroes like Rory that you need a tiny bit of skill to do realllly well with the hero, but the players who play them get a sense of pride and accomplishment from doing well with OP heroes that many people naively think are actually hard to play.

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Tosh is pretty strong now. Harder to deal with as spectres have much more sustain now. However I wouldn't say he is OP. The key is team play. If enemy team have rancor/raynor, dustin or vergil tosh may have really hard time. I also don't agree he has high skill cap. I found him quite easy to play.

For build I like abusing his ulti: Yomato Reactor, Pyre, FoE - it is core build. Last 3 are totally situational. Stun Baton is for trolling rather, u don't need it. Usually I getting more cooldown reduction, tanky items or some aura items. I also get full stacks on Olympic Torch and Valor's Manifest (after I have my core build ready) and sell it later. So items like CoA, Chilling Artifact, Electric Mantle, Carapace or if needed - Taser, Shrapnel, etc.

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I don't play tosh, i think Items with Uniques are best, since Crit and Weapon damage will be utterly useless if you final. Thus making items like Pyre, time splitter, force of entropy, and stun baton, useful since their unique still does damage or has an effect even tho the damage you gain doesn't matter. (Definately get time splitter, it slightly extends your stun time if you hit enemy. Stun will last like somewhere around 8 - 15% longer. not much, but with chain stuns, it makes a difference.

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My build:

Stun baton

hammer(to foe later)


sliptyde scythe




latter i usually sell stun baton for agressor's guise. Also it is good to get Olympic torch at nod game for stacks. With this build you have many HP, nice slow from foe/timesplitter, spell dmg on AA from pyre and scythe. Also SHC is so good on tosh for 1 more stun, TS(for ult), health and you can escape from bad situations.


I haven't played tosh last patch, but i want to try yamato reactor+ SHC+masaumne and pyre for very fast attack rate in ult....


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@Owl: Agressor's Guise causes you to cloak every 4th attack

That does not sound pointless at all. XD


Except that for how expensive the item is, by the time you get it in your build with max attack speed everyone else will have plenty of money to buy detection. This is why I never bother with phase cloak and shinobi style anymore as it is an item really only good for feeding on noobs.

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owl why is tosh op?


Spectres can be very hard to kill with right items and if he has 4 spectres around you will get permastunned. The old version of parallax allowed you to be stun free in chasing him down since it was an active, but now there is not much you can do about his spectres unless you have a teammate like MAAR or Jax who can blow them up for you. Even then they have 60% spell resist now and in the build I mentioned you can get that even higher with Korhal and Spell Buffer. Tosh also does not really need any physical damage items, rather he just needs his ultimate, proced spell damage, and stun lock to score kills. So basically because of this he can have his cake and eat it too as you can pack on the spell resist like crazy and make him largely immune to anything in the game 1v1 and in team settings unless his team is realllly bad it is even harder to kill him because he can sit in the back and just kite anything that charges him while his teammates do damage (on bad teams against good teams, his team runs leaving him 1v5ing the enemy and since he is slow and has poor mobility he ends up dying a lot in these situations).


That being said, nobody seems to build him correctly in my opinion these days. They usually get valor's and other agility/damage items and don't realize how important defense and sustain for his spectres are in terms of making him truly OP.

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i dont like a only tank build on tosh. he needs for me AA skills outside his ult.

only tank build makes him not op - it waste him.


i dont feel that tosh is "op" - since the 500% is nerfed - when i fairly look at darpa, nova, shadow, boros, ironhide, biotron, rancor, zeratul - they all are strong and can deal with him. and tosh is not a one click char like a boros.

in last time they cry about darpa "op" with his lategame tripple and monsterkills.

(when i look into some threads - these chars should supposedly all "op" - i only read op here op there).


i dont think that you have trouble lategame by those damage outputs to kill his spectre.

and to kill his spectre (or to expect) in one Q-aoe skill in after 1 hour (lategame) is imo just retard.


and imo you dont need to focus to kill his spectre - for example with lategame darpa - 2 -3 sec hes down.

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