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Balance Erekul


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Erekul is fine, is a intelligence tank, with a heal spell, a stun spell and a AA disable spell, he is still fresh meat in late game vs any AA carry, even with his W active, mantle and barbed plating, until he get the Khaydarin absorber (or whatever) he is high mana dependant, his Q is very spammable with 165 mana cost and a relative low damage.

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Erekul is ok the way he is.


He is a tanky mage. His burst is not so awesome like other casters, except ulti dmg if done properly and his tanky is not as though as a classic tank ( skills synergizes well between them) heal+ Cd reduction ( more heals)+ phys resist + dmg lowered.


Late game he can deal with no beating a AA carry better than other classic mages but his burst is a bit lowered.

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