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Golden (SEA) - Melbourne, Aust


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Hi all,


I'm a young fellow playing on the SEA server, i've been playing SC2 since release and got my 1v1 quite high just below masters after much grinding.


Moved to Melbourne in March and found a cool net cafe (CYDUS), got dishearted with loneliness of the 1v1 Ladder and found SOTIS (AOS) and never looked back!


I've spent way too much time playing this game and finally decided to join the forums - hopefully theres less idiots and more happy people than here than on TeamLiquid.


Anyway, hopefully someone can direct me to people that play this game locally. I'm looking for IH games, as pubs are becoming increasingly easy.


My hero's are: Maar, Unix + Bio.


I love INT and ranged hero.


I can't stand playing as an AGI hero.


I like being support / caster (maar) or lane pusher (unix) rather than a carry.


Bring on the IH!!!


Much love.


(Also, i've been hassled a bunch because there apparently was a 'hacker' or something with the name Golden aswell. I am not that person.)

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I have an NA account aswell so i play over there everytime the wait time for games takes too long!


No IH's?? So there are no pre-arranged teams going on? :( me want to play with a team!


Haha yeah i mainly love UNIX, melee hero's and i have never clicked.

There are SEA'S Pubstomp . Where we play random heroes and Bms . Whoever has the smartest bm wins . Let the bm begins!

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