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All Current In-Game Commands


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well maybe i can help here a bit, i know quite a few but i think if you type in "-help" it gives you a list of commands... might be wrong, but check.


Multiplayer mode:

-r = Rating

-fruit "1 - 8" = gives you a fruit for every number from 1 to 8, anything above 8 is the same thing... a grape.

-hl = Hero lock... if you have trouble pressing 1 or have trouble not being able to keep your hero as the selected hero, this is the command for you!

-tm = Test mode, all players involved in the game have to vote for the mode to be activated, once activated all Single player (test mode) codes will be availible.


*there are more of them, i just can't seem to remember them right now!


Single player mode (Test mode):

-lvl 18 = Gives your hero all abilities & basically maxes your hero out.

-money = Give your hero 100,000 minerals

-test = plants 3 pillars in your pool with 5000 HP & 5000 Shields

-hero "hero name" = If you want to change heros again mid game or test another hero out after the hero selection screen, you don't have to restart the map. Also, if you change tallents on your hero, lets say micro & would like to see how they work after you've already selected a hero, you simply type in "-hero micro" & then the tallents will be activated. Another thing i would like to add is that the devs made it easy... so you don't need to type in the full hero name (you can but don't have to) i.e. "-hero Micro.Gravitus", you aonly need to type in one part of the name, "-hero micro" or "-hero gravitus"


Those are the ones i use alot & as i have mentioned, there are more... but they aren't as important + i forgot them, so... derp.

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