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debuff/buff-removing item


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firstly, im so bad at naming, so i will never give a fancy name of this item.


i felt that this game needs more debuff removal items instead of everyone getting a parallax because of an enemy egon.


it should be the component of parallax, and parallax should be more expensive


it gives you spell resist and maybe some stats bonus


it has an active: remove any debuff on friendly units, and remove any positive buff on enemy units. 45 sec cooldown


should be around 2000 minerals i guess.


this item will be effective against egon, egon and egon. can cancel his ult form. sry i don't know why i have so much hatred towards egon.






make a special effect when you have 6 explosive. like stacking 6 battle fury in dota. make the exploding range to global:D

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Egon votes no.


Ty for answer for me.


@OP In Dota afaik you cant see any debuff removal item. Parallax is ok as it is now, it gives tons of stats, and his utility is immense. When you buy it you neutralize Rory and Egon. Why you want even more? to make that heros underplayed? If you have troubles with Egon in game (LOL) I suggest you learn to deal with it.

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