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[Event]: Clan Wars


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(I will format once I have time)


Currently all I need is names of team/Clans who are looking to participate, depending on amount teams, there will be a best of 3 between two clans/teams per week, and will be purely bragging rights! I will record all results as in a table format.


So if your interested in joining put down your name and a secured team! If your part of a clan, please try stick to that, but you are welcome to form another team.


Basically how it will work, is that there will be no set time for teams/clans to play all is needed is for a captain to challenge another captain to create a showcase match. Also there has to be at least 4 members of your signed up team to make it a legit showcase match! Teams can consist of 5-7 players (max two subs).


So please only clans or team looking to join post in this thread!

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Because only important people can send me PM's, the rest of you scrubs must go through my secretary! Please contact, TungVu for any information regarding myself!

i was like: omg, now he really is losing the grip :D


btw, clan name: RIP

or something weird like: aos (Animals of shap)

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