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It's a random thing that Energy states

Sometimes [e.g. saturday *rage*] it lags a lot

Sometimes I have no lag and everybody else does =X


But yes lag overall I see less of it than before... =D


Usually when you think you have no lag but everyone does. It probably means you're lagging the game for everyone :)

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rofl china beijing? awesome. i live in shanghai. ya im good now,, its sporadic.. feel a certain item/hero/ something may cause it.. i was fine prior to this patch. its still fine, playable tho.


Haha...nice we have the major cities covered! Do you play on the NA server aswell? I usually play as Zera and get some lag, but when I tried Cain I didn't lag as bad. It's playable for me too, but I drop and lag out way to often now.

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