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My tradition: avoid posting in the Introductions forum until I've already done a lot around


Why: Because it's fun.


anyway hai


I'm Eliwan; and I enjoy creating a lot of things. [Hero suggestions, Item suggestions, sprites, etc.]


I also know too much about the game so Whale calls me Pokedex.

I can't do Dexter's robotic voice, though. =X

[fyi; Dexter is the name of the Pokedex in the anime.]



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hahahahaha with banzaiguy gone i can do wat i want

you should know rohtube and this is more about him i think he lives in a rape dungeon. every time we are on mumble i hear lil childen in the background. and he will shot u too because he is from north korea.



I'm surprised the mods let you post this LOL

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