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Well there are some items I just think of and they some may be useful to add to game, and others may be totally broken (XD). Either way, here are my ideas.

I will try my best to have pictures on all the required items, or vice versa.



I will label if the item seems broken with (broken?) sign, stating the item is either OP, or questionable.

Change Log: 11/3/12 (Started this), Added a few items : Duran's Stash; Accelerators ; Wind Cape

11/4/12: Added 5 mega items: Crystal of Khali, Corrupted spear, Gravity Crystal, Titan's Armor, Shredder Blade. Also Added 2 standard items: Vampire's Wrath, Limited Staff

Reduced, Runic Time Watch Ally Effect Radius to 4 from 5.

11/6/12: Added 8 standard items, Blood dagger, Power Hammer, Blood Hunger, Steel Fangs, Extension Blade, Demon's Seal, chrono dagger, Paradox Orb

Duran's Jewel

Recipe Cost: 1235

Total Cost: 3500

Required Items: DuransMachette.pngDuransBuckler.pngDuransPendant.pngBalancer.png

+20 Strength

+20 Agility

+20 Intelligence

+1 Energy Regen

+2.5 Hp Regen

+380 Hp

+16 Atk

+60 Energy

+5% Life Steal

+3 Armor


Note: This item would be to have a balance of, energy, hp, hp regen, energy regen, and stats. It provides a small bit of everything. To ppl who like the starting duran items.



Cursed Blade

Recipe Cost: 1125

Total Cost: 4500

Required Items: Sledgehammer.pngPneumatizedCloak.pngZergSymbiosis.png

+50 Agility

+40 Atk

+12% Life Steal

[unique] Your attacks lower the enemies Life Steal up to 15% for 2 seconds.


Note: It lowers up to 15%, meaning if the enemy only has 11% life steal, his leech will be turned to 0%, not -4%. But an enemy with 30% once attacked will only have 15% then.


Runic Time Watch

Recipe Cost: 1425

Total Cost: 5000

Required Items: TwinParadoxIsolator.pngLostTreasureMini.pngStormPauldrons.png

+60 Intelligence

+6 Hp Regen

+2 Energy Regen

+15% Cooldown Reduction

[unique] You and allies in a Radius of 4 gain +8% Timescale.


Note: It doesn't give as much timescale as paradox, but it is it is always on you, and effects allies who are really close. It does not stack.



Galaxy Armor (Broken?)

Recipe Cost: 835

Total Cost: 4900

Required Items: KorhalVanguard.pngStabilizer.png

Component of: Legendary Armor

+25 Strength

+25 Agility

+25 Intelligence

+5 Armor

+15% Spell Resist

+280 Hp

[unique] You gain +35% Physical and Spell Resist if your hero is under 30% it's Max Hp


Note: A Good tank item and balance item. It is good to use this time on a tank, especially one that can heal. Primarily, Egon, Mandrake, tychus, or other heros. It is also a good idea to combo this item with Life tech, since you will be restoring hp constantly too.



Light Mace

Recipe: 400

Total Cost: 4750

Required Items: HiggBosonCapacitor.pngEyeofDuran.pngStormPauldrons.png

+80 Intelligence

+20% Lifesteal

+20 Attack

+5 Hp Regen

[Active] Reveal all units for 8 seconds in a 20 unit Radius. 60 second Cooldown.


Note: This item would be good if your chasing someone threw bushes or chasing a cloaked unit and just need to see him a small duration. This is similar to a Boundary Scanner, except a higher CD, non-consumable, larger radius, and only reveals half the duration. This item would also help to counter shadow's final, but shadow's final would still be effect to the point, that if he mossberg silence, or gets the jump inwhich it may be to late. Since this item would be primarily towards spell casters, it wouldn't be an ideal item to counter a shadow if you were AA or especially if your a tank.



Magic Blade

Recipe: 925

Total Cost: 4300

Required Items: RunicGavel.pngKineticBatteryMini.png

+30 Agility

+15% Cooldown Reduction

+50 Weapon Damage

+4 Energy Regen

[unique] You gain +5% Spell Damage when you use an ability for 8 seconds. Can stack 4 times.


Note: This is similar in opposite way of cerebro. Cerebro gives massive int(caster) and some crit (AA) and an unique more towards AA. Magic blade gives alot of damage and some CDR (for the caster), but its unique is more towards casters. (each one stacks meaning 5% x4 wouldn't give you 20% Spell damge but more than that. Refresh upon each ability) The +5% would be granted 0.1 second before the spell damage done, so casting the ability for first stack will do +5% spell damage then.



Wind Cape

Cost: 700

Component of: Accelorators ; PhantomMenaceMini.png (Phantom menace recipe cost would then go to 1250 to 550)

+5% Movement Speed

[Active] Gain +15% Movement Speed for 2 seconds. Cooldown: 45 seconds.


Note: If you like movement speed this is your item. It is also useful to have a small boost of speed for that engagement. [Notice: This item has an active at a very low level, while most items that have an active would usually cost 1500+ minerals).



Recipe: 850

Cost: 2800

Required Items: [Wind Cap] FocusPrism.pngAnabolicCirculator.pngPulseRegenerator.png

Component of: Wind Cape

+10% Timescale

+1 Energy Regen

+4 Hp Regen

[Active] Gain +40% Movement Speed for 2 seconds. Cooldown: 35 seconds


Note: Good at initiation. Gives timescale too. (This is my type of item ^^, cough get, 5 accelorators and a Yamato Reactor).



Duran's Stash

Recipe: 1575

Cost: 4000

Required Items: LostTreasureMini.pngMinersGogglesMini.pngLeechingSaberMini.png

Component of: Corrupted Spear


[unique] Every second, gain +2 Minerals. In additional, you gain +25% Lifesteal, +420 Hp, and +7 Hp Regen, +3 Energy Regen.


Note: If for some reason you like money, this is your item. Altho it would not be suggested to keep this item, as late game XD.


Vampire's Wrath (This Item might not pass because of a removal of a specific leech)

Recipe: 725

Cost: 4500

Required Items: EyeofDuran.pngGluttonsBite.pngEmeraldMox.png

+280 Hp

+30 Weapon Damage

+30% Life Steal

+5 Hp Regen

[unique] You gain +8% Spell Leech


Note: This item grants spell leech, possibly disqualifying it, but grants alot of leech to those who want it. Since it is primarily a DPS item, it may be risky for a caster to get it. Since it is also a unique, it is not stackable



Limited Staff

Recipe: 425

Total Cost: 3800

Required Items: LeechingSaberMini.pngHiggBosonCapacitor.pngStormPauldrons.png

+65 Intelligence

+20% Life Steal

+10 Weapon Damage

+10% Cooldown Reduction

[unique] Your attacks limits the enemy's Healing for 5 seconds, causing the enemy to heal only a maximum of 100 Hp.


Note: This item is primarily towards leech. If a person with 50% Leech deals 500 Damage, instead of healing 250 Hp, it only heals 100 Hp. This item is like a worst version of Executioner Axe, but its stats are much more favorable, and more toward Casters. It still has uses to be a late game item to get. The item, is ment to limit a unit with very high Life Steal, not to destroy it all together. Works on other healings then just leech, (but it wouldn't be effective vs over time heals.)


Blood Dagger

Recipe: 925

Total Cost: 3400

Required Items: ZergSymbiosis.pngLeechingSaberMini.pngEmeraldMox.pngCyberneticImplants.png

+23 Strength

+250 Hp

+15% Life Steal

[unique] You gain +2% Lifesteal per attack for 3 seconds. Can Stack 25 times. Refresh per attack.


Note: This item is more towards lifesteal in the long run, attacking for a duration, having to build it up


Power Hammer

Recipe: 1425

Total Cost: 4250

Required Items: QuantumSpade.pngSledgehammer.pngHyperionIncinerator.png

+85 Weapon Damage

[unique] Gain +15% Weapon Damage.


Note: This item sets Weapon damage to 115% Weapon damage, meaning the unique doesn't grant bonus to blackhole. It also means that debuff weapon damage, are less effective. Example: Shrink ray would lower ur Weapon damage from 115% to 80%, instead of 100% to 65%.)


Blood Hunger

Recipe: 1625

Total Cost: 4100

Required Items: GluttonsBite.pngSledgehammer.png

+50 Weapon Damage

+20% Life Steal

[Active] Gain Debuff immunity, and +30% Life Steal for 2 seconds. Cooldown: 60 seconds


Note: This item would be a primary counter towards, axe, and leech counters, enabling leech not entirely useless, if enemy has executioner axe. Of course, with this time, you would have to time it for the exact moment you need it, and it doesn't last long, and has a rather long Cooldown compared to the other leech actives. It is also a counter towards other heros that have debuffs.


Steel Fangs

Recipe: 710

Total Cost: 3900

Required Items: NeosteelVestments.pngCrystalBark.pngZergSymbiosis.pngHyperionIncinerator.png

+50 Weapon Damage

+7 Armor

+10% Life Steal

[unique] You gain Lifesteal equal to 40% of the Lifesteal of the target you are attacking, up to +50% Life Steal. Switching targets will immediately change the leech to amount of the new target. The buff lasts 2 seconds. This unique doesn't work on enemies with this item. (To prevent infinite looping).


Note: An indirect way to counter leech, by having superior leech. xD. If an enemy has 100% Leech, you gain +40% Leech from that.


Extension Blade

Recipe: 800

Total Cost: 3700

Required Items: Sledgehammer.pngPneumatizedCloak.png

+50 Agility

+30 Weapon Damage

[unique] Gain +0.5 Weapon Range.


Note: The largest range unit would then be Starscream in flight mode with a range of 8.5, [8+0.5] the same as a tower, any increase of weapon range would make a hero able to hit a tower out of range, unfairly.


Demon's Seal (I'm not entirely shur about this item)

Total Cost: 1800

+25 Weapon Damage

+10% Attack Speed

-20% Physical Resistance

-15% Spell Resistance

[unique] +15% Xp Gain


Note: An early game item, for gaining extra experience at a cost. Is it worth the risk?


Chrono Dagger (Broken?)

Recipe Cost: 2900

Total Cost: 3600

Required Items: [Wind Cap]

+8% timescale

[Active] All units except your specific hero lose 30% time, 50% Movement Speed, and 50% Attack Speed for 3 seconds in a 15 Unit Radius. (Does not Silence.) Cooldown: 45


Note: There was a pervious item called chrono dagger (this is a remake of it) This item is like a very nerfed version of zeratuls final in a larger radius. Enemies hit will be affect for 3 seconds, regardless if they move out of a 3 second range. This item could be powerful, and would lean more favorable towards casters, and aiming. (If you include all the debuffs together, u lose about 65% movement speed and attack speed.)


Paradox Orb (Broken?)

Total Cost: 3000

[Active] For 3 seconds, switch damage you take as healing, and healing you take, as damage. Cooldown: 45 seconds.


Note: This means that, if you have this buff on, and you take 1500 damage, you will heal 1500 HP instead of take 1500 damage, but if an ally heals you 500 hp, you take 500 damage instead. This will cause a reverse in lifesteal too. Making an enemy with 500 weapon damage and 50% lifesteal, the enemy will actually take 250 damage, as you heal 500 hp (less because of your armor). Barb armor will reverse tho, causing enemies to attack you to heal hp equal to the amount of damage barb armor is doing. The animation of this effect will have to be obvious, or else it would be over powered. Also this item isn't a good idea to have lifesteal with it, since if you activate it, and you try to attack, your lifesteal will actually damage you instead.


Mega Items:

These items will be items that are not worth the money, but are considered "Super Items", being nearly double the amount of what they are worth, it is suggested for heroes to buy them once, they have nearly full items, thus making money not completely useless late game, having an extra 15K Minerals, but not having any use for it. Of course, this may break the game, so it might not be the best idea, but i just feel like typing down the items, (and some recipes went over 5K so yea i just called it mega items and major high cost and added more stuff) I'd write more, but it is time consuming and, I'm horrible at coming up with names.



Scrap Yard Generator (Broken?)

Recipe Cost: 10325

Total Cost: 18000

Required Items: LifeTechNanosuit.pngEternalDriveMini.pngVibraniumShield.png

+850 Hp

+25% Spell Resistance

+60 Attack

+6 Hp Regen

+4 Energy Regen

+300 Energy

[unique] Whenever you take damage, 40% of the damage done will be restored as Hp over 8 seconds and 40% of the damage done will also be restored as Shields over 4 seconds. Shields last 6 seconds.

Note: Meaning if you take 1000 damage instantly, you will restore 400 over 8 seconds and 400 shields over 4 seconds. The healing stacks.



Legendary Defender (Broken?)

Recipe Cost: 8150

Total Cost: 21000

Required Items: (Galaxy Armor, [my item], and GalacticDefenderMini.pngElectricMantle.png

+60 Strength

+30 Agility

+30 Intelligence

+6 Armor

+30% Spell Resist

+400 Hp

+20% Cooldown Reduction

+80 Weapon

[unique] When you are under 30% Max Hp, you gain a buff for 10 seconds which gives: 1250 Shields; 45% Physical and Spell Resist and Enemies that attack you will be stunned for 1 second and will take 100 Spell Damage. Cooldown : 25 seconds.



Lightning Blade (Broken?)

Recipe Cost: 9850

Total Cost: 18250

Required Items: LightningRod.pngStunBaton.pngForceofEntropy.png

+40 Strength

+800 Hp

+30 Attack

+35% Attack Speed

+350 Energy

+2 Energy Regen

[unique] Your next attack deals 300 Spell Damage to primary target, and 3 other targets, stunning them for 1.25 seconds and slowing their Movement Speed and attack speed by 50% for 4 seconds. Cooldown: 8 seconds


Cloning Blade (Broken?)

Recipe Cost: 7050

Total Cost: 17000

Required Items: BanditsArtifice.pngShadowmourneMini.png

+50 Strength

+50 Agility

+50 Intelligence

+25% Attack Speed

+25% Crit Chance

+500 Energy

+8% Movement Speed

[unique] Every 5th attack, you create a clone of yourself, which deals 20% your weapon damage, and deals 20% Spell damage (for pyre and other items) and 20% True damage (incase grunty gets). Clones are vulnerable, inwhich they take 400% More damage from all sources, and will always have 0% Resistance to anything. Clones proc items, and can last up to 10 seconds. You can have a maximum of 4 clones. Clones can not cast abilities, but do have the heroic passive (won't work if activate).



Crystal of Khali (Broken?)

Recipe Cost: 10000

Total Cost: 19000

Required Items: KhaliBlade.pngArgusCrystal.png

+120 Intelligence

+25% Crit Chance

+90 Weapon

+10% Attack Speed

[unique] Your Critical Strikes deal bonus Physical Damage equal to 60% of Intelligence



Corrupted Spear (Broken?)

Recipe: 10100

Total Cost: 19000

Required Items: DominionStandard.pngCoatofArms.png [Duran's Stash]

+500 Hp

+60 Strength

+35% Weapon Speed

+20% Cooldown Reduction

+25% Life Steal

+3 Energy Regen

+7 Hp Regen

+30 Weapon Damage

[unique] Enemies in a Radius of 10 lose 10% Weapon damage and Spell Damage.

[Active] You gain control on Non-Heroic (excluding Massive [boss creeps]) enemies for 20 seconds in a Radius of 15 upon activation, before they return to enemies. Cooldown: 60 seconds



Gravity Crystal (Broken?)

Recipe: 11300

Total Cost: 20000

Required Items: ArgusCrystal.pngGravityEdgeMini.pngHiggBosonCapacitor.png

+220 Intelligence

+8% Movement Speed

+40 Attack

[unique] You spell damage, deals 35% more damage as True damage.

(Means if you you deal 1000 spell damage, you will deal 1000 spell damage +350 true damage) [i'm not sure if you can get more OP than this]



Titan's Armor (Broken?)

Recipe: 7835

Total Cost: 17000

Required Items: OrganicCarapace.pngBarbedPlating.pngDarksteelTitan.png

+65 Strength

+1350 Hp

+18 Armor

+4% Spell Resistance

-15% Movement Speed

[unique] Restore 1% of your Missing hp per second.

[Active] Go into Shell mode, stunning you for 10 seconds, but gaining 50% Cooldown Reduction (CDR does work if your stunned//silenced),+70% Damage Resistance, and heal 5% Your max Hp per second. Cooldown: 60


Shredder Blade (Broken?)

Recipe: 8000

Total Cost: 19000

Required Items: ContaminationShard.pngTimeSplitter.pngShrinkRayMini.png

+80 Agility

+70 Intelligence

+35% Attack Speed

+100 Weapon Damage

[unique] Your Attacks causes enemies to lose 3% Timescale, Physical and Spell resist, Weapon damage, and Spell Damage for 6 seconds. Refresh upon new stack. Can stack up to 25 times.



Defence Tower

Cost: 1800

Duration: 20 minutes

Placement Range: 5


Place a tower which has

Hp: 2000

50% Damage Resistance and an additional 70% Spell Resistance. (meaning 50% true damage resist, 50% physical damage resist, and 85% spell resist total.)

Atk: 100 True Damage [Deals a bonus 20% of non-heroics enemies Max Hp as True Damage]

Attack Speed: 1

Range: 8.5

This tower can be targeted by Spells

[unique] Structures that can't attack in a Radius of 6 from tower will gain +90% Damage Resistance, and +10 Hp and Shield Regen.


Note: Tower acts like a standard CPU tower and once placed, will be controled by CPU. It can be targeted by abilities since AA heros would have a significant advantage at killing these towers. It also would help prevent anti-backdooring from occuring, giving time for heroes to kill creeps, instead of creeps attacking the tower regardless of enemies nearby. These towers would die fast tho, only giving enough time to just stall and prevent anti-door since low DPS.



Sealing Orb (Broken?)

Cost: 1900

Upon using this item, 2 Creep waves (Current amount of creeps) and 1 Tank, will spawn which will head straight towards the enemy artifact base (regardless of invince towers or not). The Creeps have +50% Max Hp and +50% Attack. It would also help to push vs towers.

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Nice items! ^_^

Just one idea. Why not make the Runic Time Watch an active item? I mean, change it from:

[unique Passive] You and allies in a Radius of 5 gain +8% Timescale..


[unique Active] Upon activation, you and allies in a Radius of 5 gain +12% Timescale for 8 seconds.

Or something like that. Because at the moment the passive just reminds me of Null's heroic passive :| lol

Just an idea :D


All your mega items are very interesting too. I like the cloning blade, reminds me of old Tass ^_^. Lightning Blade would become one of the best initiation techniques in the game lol (after Jackson). The other two are the ultimate tank items haha. They have cool looking passives!


However, it would be hard to implement game-changing items such as these, as they increase the snowballing effect and encourage farming over tactical team fights/ganks (imo). The game should depend on the hero compositions and player/team skill, rather than 1 or 2 items and who can afford them first. Others might not agree, but that's just what I think :D


BUT I do like the items! :) GJ

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Thanks, Altho i keep looking at lightning blade, and sealing orb and i keep thinking

1) Lightining blade: It looks extremely Op about how much Hp it gives you will still a lot of damage, and a killer combo passive xD. Altho the items have very good uniques too xD

2) Sealing Orb: I could just imagine, a team who may be losing doing an all in, selling all their items and buying pure sealing orbs, and spreading evenly on map, releasing 5 sealing orbs at once. (50 creep waves with 50% bonus stats and 25 tanks LOL) I could just imagine how much chaos would happen there. Hopefully the enemy team has an AA than can pwn all of it at once with good leech. (as enemy team with poor items engage and try to kill you as 500 creeps are invading you.)

Also i wanted to make an item that gives you timescale other than just an activate parallax, or a small colldier (warp thingy). In a way it is similar to nulls passive, except his passive also lowers enemies near him.


-Edit- Best Combo:

Tychus: Legendary Defender, Scrap Yard Generator, Cloning Blade (imagine the 4 clones with scrap yard and legendary xD, the Hp buff and heal will at least help the clones survive, while the spell resist and physical resist ain't useful tho ):, still makes tychus nearly unstopable. get a Barb Armor, executioner axe, and finally Darwins might to help the healing even more.


-Edit- With the new items i just put in, i keep thinking, what if a person gets 6 Titan armors... Its basicly +12K HP and +108 Armor LOL, and then watch pyre just own. Altho the penalty is, -15% Movement Speed X6... Lol, slowest enemy ever, just kite to death.

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hmm. Yes, 5 is the range of a marauder. Still, you could quite easily buff 2 or 3 of your allies with it.

EDIT: also everyone would go for legendary defender as it costs 8K. I am not aware of any existing items that cost over 6000...

No item cost over 5000 minerals, these are just suggestions to super teir items, and legendary defender cost an extra 8K after those other high teir items you get. they are suggest to get after you reached nearly full items from the teir below. (Like the Shadowmourne teir and argus crystal teir, ect. ect.) altho thats why i listed them as (Broken?)

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see my thread on axe


Whoops, double post.

Yeah I saw it, Although, I wasn't really sure about a an item that Steals Leech. It seems like it would be rather over powered, upon activating it, it would probably be the prime way to counter someone, since the person who has it would have a significant advantage, and the only way to counter it would be to get the same item, xD so it cancels out or something. The item would be rather powerful with executioner axe tho, since superior leech then. But I will actually add an item similar to this soon. :D, it gave me an idea (If not the same).

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.............it would replace axe. that was the point of the thread.

EDIT- Back on topic, you need to knock down the cost of your items as well as the number of items you suggested. Be aware that higher cost items (6K+) could completely change the balance of the game, so tread carefully. I would suggest adding one ultimate item per play style to begin with, then the idea can be further developed later on when you have more feedback.

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.............it would replace axe. that was the point of the thread.

EDIT- Back on topic, you need to knock down the cost of your items as well as the number of items you suggested. Be aware that higher cost items (6K+) could completely change the balance of the game, so tread carefully. I would suggest adding one ultimate item per play style to begin with, then the idea can be further developed later on when you have more feedback.

Well i didnt expect any item above 5K (which is highest money cost, not 6K) would actually be acceptable. I just added items with super high costs for ideas, but it wouldn't be ideal for the game, because it would be way to difficult to balance Super Super items. I would actually be surprised if they added Mega items, which is why i labeled each one of them with the (broken?) sign, and also placed them under mega items, an entirely different section, to separate the more serious items (the ones below 5001 minerals,) from the more trollish ones.

Did i put to many items down? making it seem slightly overwhelming? I just think it is a little pointless to make a suggestions for just 1 item (unless it is a very well thought out item and could change the game to make is very balanced). [similar to making 1 hero ability but not making a hero? O.o] But i guess i did go over board on all the items, One thing just came after another. xD

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woot? 18K items? 21K items? I think you need to tone this down a *little*. lol. These would literally only be bought in the longest standoffs.


If you didn't notice a few of those items are made of components you probably already get for the hero. So in reality you would just be spending an extra few 1000 to finish the item.

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Yeah I saw it, Although, I wasn't really sure about a an item that Steals Leech. It seems like it would be rather over powered, upon activating it, it would probably be the prime way to counter someone, since the person who has it would have a significant advantage, and the only way to counter it would be to get the same item, xD so it cancels out or something. The item would be rather powerful with executioner axe tho, since superior leech then. But I will actually add an item similar to this soon. :D, it gave me an idea (If not the same).


Well if you had executioner's axe, that would reduce their leech, thus reducing the amount of leech that you can 'steal'.

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Well if you had executioner's axe, that would reduce their leech, thus reducing the amount of leech that you can 'steal'.

It din't think it works that way. Executioner axe doesn't reduce Leech, it reduces healing. If it reduced leech, it would be a counter towards erekul. I'm not sure if it works on ALL healing tho, but executioner axe shudn't reduce the amount of leech you have, more as it reduces the reward it provides.

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