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Molgloo.Grunty Suggestion


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Not saying that Molgloo is a weak hero, just that he lacks a little in the utility aspect.


Molgloo's Ultimate grants him 40/55/70% Movement Speed while in the river and for 10 seconds after exiting the river: I feel that this limiting factor of only being this strong in the River.


As a result, I would like to add these changes:


-Assault Shawtgun creates a pool of water around Grunty of 3 unit radius, staying there for 8 seconds.

-Swamp Trap creates an area of water of 1 unit radius while it exists, and when it activates; the area of the slow also becomes water, lasting for 4/6/8/10 seconds.

-Rawet Lawncher creates water behind it of 1/1.5/2/2.5 radius lasting for 8 seconds.

-River Racer: When in Water [generated by abilities]; Grunty gets +20/30/40% Movement Speed. When in the River, Grunty gets +30/45/60% Movement Speed. These buffs do not stack.



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i thought it gives 40//60//80% movement speed. In my opinion, I'd like to see there just be additional water to trigger final, at Base (Heal) thus making grunty useful if on defensive, since he is primarily only useful in middle of map which has its limits (especially if he can even get there).

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He is fine; but he can only be Grunty when the battle is even [and thus there is fighting in the River]. His usefulness is being able to dash around everywhere; and he presently just can't do that. I'm just proposing that ability use will grant him a weakened form of River Racer so that he can decide if getting there quickly or saving the skills for when he gets there is more useful.


It also allows for unique strategies with the Rocket. Shooting it off to the side so that you can maximize your speed bonus from it, instead of trying to use it for stuns.

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Grunty doesn't have to be fast to be a beastly AA hero, and with river racer as is he can already swap lanes nearly instantly, making him a dangerous ganker.


Adding even more speed options would make grunty very, very hard to deal with. You could never catch him, never escape him. He would have to suffer massive nerfs to make up for the massive buff to utility, and I don't think he needs nerfed.


To each their own I suppose, but I really see no need for any grunty changes at this time.

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