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[Talents] Talent Suggestion | Balancing


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So for reference



Recovery [Default F]: Recover 18% of your maximum Health and Energy over 6 seconds. 3-minute cooldown.



T1: [0 points]

Might: +15 Weapon Damage

Cunning: +5% Spell Damage

Bloodthirst: +9% Lifesteal

Fury: +15% Weapon Speed

T2: [2 points]

Demigod: After a kill, your next attack deals Spell Damage equal to 50% of your Weapon Damage. [Creep kill]

Veteran: Begin the game with +1.5 Levels.

T3: [3 points]

Haste: +50% Movement Speed and Attack Speed for 6 seconds. 3 minute cooldown.



T1: [0 points]

Fitness: +180 Health

Discipline: +7% Spell Resistance

Vigor: +2.3 Health Regeneration

Integrity: +8 Armor

T2: [2 points]

Zeal: While you have more than 70% of your Maximum Health, you gain +13% Movement Speed.

Undying: Respawn Time reduced by 25%.

T3: [3 points]

Fortify: +50% Spell and Physical Resistance for 6 seconds. 3 minute cooldown.



T1: [0 points]

Prodigy: +12% Cooldown Reduction

Brilliance: +1.2 Energy Regeneration

Swiftness: +7% Movement Speed

Youth: +230 Energy

T2: [2 points]

Overlord: Nearby non-heroic units in an 8-unit radius gain +20% Spell and Physical Resistance.

Wealth: Start the game with +200 Minerals.

T3: [3 points]

Transport: Teleport to target allied unit after an 8-second channel. 3 minute cooldown.



So let's just look at a few talents that are really weak:

Youth-- it increases Maximum Energy; which for the heroes that need it; won't need it past early-game and would be better off getting Brilliance to solve their energy problems instead.

Overlord-- it doesn't buff summons. Quite simply, almost all summons are Heroic and since Overlord does not affect them it doesn't influence heroes much at all-- because there are better things to do with that Talent Point [such as +5% Spell Damage!].


On the other hand, let's look at some pretty strong talents:

Fury-- 15% Weapon Speed. That is a free Graviton Booster [1050]. =X

Integrity-- While Agility heroes won't need it, any hero that plans on being a tank had better get this-- it's worth more than a Crystal Bark and a Neosteel Vestments [1065 total]. 8 Armor... =X


So I would like to bring those four talents in particular to attention and make them better.

So here are my suggestions for these four talents:

Youth: +100 Energy. After casting a spell, your next auto-attack recovers Energy equal to your INT.

Why: Gives Youth the ability to actually maintain spellcasting power. May or may not need to change what the Energy recovery scales with, though. P=


Overlord: Nearby allied non-heroes in an 8-unit radius of you gain 20% Spell and Physical Resistance.

Why: Makes Overlord better by making it apply to spawns... Perhaps, for implementation, add the Psionic attribute to all Heroes and make Overlord search for non-Psionic allies? Then this would apply to Summons which appears to be the intent.


Fury: +10% Weapon Speed

Why: At +15% Weapon Speed, Fury is incredibly powerful early-game, able to smash enemies in the face with lots of auto-attacks with what is basically a free Graviton Booster in your inventory.


Integrity: +5 Armor

Why: 5 Armor is enough-- early-game; 5 Armor is about 10% Physical Resistance for non-Agility heroes! I really think that 8 Armor is excessive and laughs too hard in the face of Agility heroes.

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Keep in mind though that fury and integrity are lvl1 talents so anyone can pick them up, maybe since they are strong make them tier 2? I just dont think they are too op, but just strong.


On top of the overlord and youth talents being up I think that the wealth talent should be changed to the old avarice talent, as it is its really not worth putting the point on (considering its t2 as well).


So really i think the utility tree is kinda underpowered at the moment.

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