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Hi I'm croc


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My fav thing in my free time to do is see how fast it takes that 13 year old kid to spam into threads about rohtube. K I'm starting the timer.


On to all seriousness:

My fav hero is none of them.

My fav item is the ward cause u can become warder and word pool.

My fav strategy is right click eve tho I have no idea how?

Looking forward to foruming with you guys! Gg no re

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Rancor is a good warder, but that's just wasting ur cloak, since u can't get attacked as the warder. (that's y I ward pool so they constantly regen their ward energy, and u can see if the enemies get in range of ur super cannons). That's y i leave the warder to the ppl w/ no escape or ez way of regen like drake, micro, and Vergil. Gg no re. But Ty for advice.


Edit: Dox will find this funny, u don't have to get it.

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