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Item Suggestion: Unyielding Steel


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Stats: 35 Str, 20 Agi, 5 Armor


Passive: this unit cannot be leeched from.


Cost: ~4000

components: to be decided


Function: a counter to glass cannon + leech aa carry builds. No more shadow having as good as infinite hp because he outleeches all the damage you deal. It doesn't conflict with Ax, because it is a defensive item, primarily for tanks, as opposed to an offensive item, for aa heroes to use against other aa heroes.

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An interesting idea. I'm not sure I'm loving the stats or the passive (any item that gives perma passive leech-prevent is probably serious OP in practice).


But I do think it's an idea that ought to be explored. There are very few hard counters in-game for leech stack builds (Executioner Axe being the only item that, by itself, is really an intentional hard-counter... there being of course invariably multiple other counters, but none directly on point).


Maybe something more like this:




30 Str

+100 health

+7 armor


Active: Applies a buff to the hero that lasts for 10 seconds, during which time attacks against the hero will not return any health from leech effects. 60sec CD



Just a thought. Honestly, putting strength on it is probably making it too clearly a tank-mandatory item. Might be more interesting (and more creative) to stick intel on it instead. Either way would require a lot of fine tuning in terms of the buff duration and CD.

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This isn't really possible, though, within the scope of the game engine.




Passive: Enemies that attack you lose all lifesteal for 2.5 seconds.


I'm not sure if the first hit will be affected, but in that case it promotes some counterplay on the part of the AA hero.


EDIT: Actually, I think it is possible now that ekco is keeping track of healing.


I think it should give more INT than STR because making casters extremely tanky is a bad idea, while making tanks do more damage is always welcome since it gets them more involved past getting off their CC.

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I think that doing what FruitNinja said would be easier for Ekcolnovkol to do [and it's close enough-- only the first shot has leech which is usually done when you have full health anyway].


I really do like the idea, though... it's unique and different, and the high cost would prevent it from being gotten too soon.


For a bit more detail


Synergizer [2050] +18 to all stats

Cybernetic Implants [825] +18 Strength

Crystal Bark [750] +5 Armor

Recipe [575]

= 4100


+40 STR, +25 AGI, +25 INT, +7 Armor

[unique] Enemies that attack you have their Lifesteal reduced by 30% for 4 seconds, stacking up to 3 times.



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The concept is ok. But I feel Op stats were too OP.


A bit lowered in stat ( Usually Support/utility items are not with high stat values) Something like 25 str / 25 int/ 6 armor I think ok and a permanent passive negating COMPLETELY an effect is OP. So getting an active for a few seconds negating leech totally or a passive with a portion of 80/90% sounds more acurated.


Just a defensive part of Axe, item which heros hitting a lot in battle get more benefit.

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Neosteel Vestments has a cost of 315, not 325


/didn't even look at Item Topic or Item Database to know that


But actually, yes, Crystal Bark at one point in time had a different name and gave 7 Armor and cost 750. I don't remember the old name, though. =X


And, just asking, why the flob the armor was reduced? i mean is a minor component, dont need to reduce the armor XD


PS: and neosteel vestments now give 2 armor instead of 3


me no understand: metal gear (5 armor) + neosteel vestments (2 armor) + neosteel vestments (2 armor) (total 9 armor) = chilling artifact (7 armor)

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This item is a must!


Usually you have to get an Axe against leech, but of course the leecher will focus you down first if you have teh axe, then heal up on your hapless allies.


With BOTH items, you shut down leech completely, so you still have tobe focused first, BUT the effects of unyielding steel linger for a few seconds, giving your allies time to finish the kill.


A wonderful tank item idea. I approve!

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IMO that'd be way too powerful. It'd function beautifully... but a bit too beautifully.



Why not:



Active: All units that attack you lose 100% healing for 5 seconds. Lasts 11 seconds. 20 second cooldown.


It'd function long enough to shut down a shadow, nova, etc. rather then being the end-all item.

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Meh, I think they should just add items that slightly counter leech, and keep executioner axe as the primary Item to counter Life Steal, (Similar to how spell buffer is primary counter to spell damage, and how gravity edge is primary counter to spell resist).

Cursed Blade (AA light counter towards leech.)

Recipe Cost: 1125

Total Cost: 4500

Required Items: Sledgehammer.pngPneumatizedCloak.pngZergSymbiosis.png

+50 Agility

+40 Atk

+12% Life Steal

[unique] Your attacks lower the enemies Life Steal up to 15% for 2 seconds.

Limited Staff (Caster, Moderate Counter to leech)

Recipe: 425

Total Cost: 3800

Required Items: LeechingSaberMini.pngHiggBosonCapacitor.pngStormPauldrons.png

+65 Intelligence

+20% Life Steal

+10 Weapon Damage

+10% Cooldown Reduction

[unique] Your attacks limits the enemy's Healing for 5 seconds, causing the enemy to heal only a maximum of 100 Hp at a time.

Paradox Orb A Very strong counter towards Lifestealers.

Total Cost: 3000

[Active] For 3 seconds, switch the damage you take to healing, and the healing you take to damage. Cooldown: 30 seconds

Note: 1000 damage, will instead heal you for 1000. This would counter life steal, making him heal you for 500 weapon damage, with 50% lifesteal, you would actually recieve 250 damage from that. There would be an obvious animation effect if this item existed to prevent confusion when it is on, and easily have enemies avoid it. (even though it is hard to). Hope your teammate doesn't heal you to death xD or Hp regen kill you, Since the enemy is healing you tho, Barb armor will actually heal the enemy, making if not OP to stack this item with Barb armor.


Of Course, these two items may not be enough (Altho they shud be if you get barb armor with it,) and you can claim executioner axe, but it doesn't force someone to buy an executioner axe for an enemy that only has 20% Life Steal. (One item) and healing 400 Hp per attack

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