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As a psychological cast-off, Memnos pained the way the world fooled him around. All the knowledge he had contributed has been stolen- as with all his hopes and dreams. All he seeks of now is revenge, and such revenge he sought, using the standardized technology only he could create, creating a path of destruction beckoning among all of the space-time continuum. Memnos harnessed the dual energy from the synergy of the powers of Tassadar's ship and the Overmind, creating cosmic powers.

Memnos is a master of overtime pains, causing heat upon enemies to slow them down. Cosmic powers are at a limit of being reduced by the natural defenses, physical and spell resistance. In the same way, amplifications are also half-designated with this new type of energy, going as well with a reduced leech. Memnos stepped up in time to reach the Aeon of all war, the Aeon of Storms, in which he gladly reigned glorious combat in.





15/07/12 - Began Hero Creation




Hero Basic Information...


Name: Overcurved.Memnos

Role: INT [Carry / Support Caster / Special Carry]

Theme: Mechanical Menace

Portrait: Diamondback

Model: Diamondback

Affiliation: Neutral



Hero Advanced Information...


[1] INT: 42

[2] STR: 28

[3] AGI: 22


[1] INT Growth: 7.0

[2] STR Growth: 5.0

[3] AGI Growth: 3.5



Starting Stats...

Health: 540

Energy: 294

Movement Speed: 3.0

Attack Range: 5

Attack Speed: 1.8

Damage: 54

Armor: 7.08



Hero Growth Numbers...

Weapon Range: 5

Weapon Base Damage: 33

Weapon Damage Growth: 0.5

Weapon Speed: 1.9

Base Armor: 4

Armor Growth: 0.5

Base Life: 260

Base Energy: 0

Movement Speed: 3.0




Hero Abilities...


Heroic Passive: Cosmic Impact

Q Ability: Kinetic Lock

W Ability: Irradiate

E Ability: Gizmo Reel

Ultimate: Manipulation




HP: Cosmic Impact

For each hit Memnos produces, he locks the target in heat, letting all the damage the target received slow by 4% for 4 seconds. Additionally, Memnos always deals cosmic damage, reduced 50% by spell and physical resistance, leeches 35% from both types and is amplified 50% from both types of damage amplification.

  • Effect Duration: 6

IN DEPTH: Cosmic damage is a special type of damage that is reduced half and amplified the same way by natural resistances (physical and spell) but receives 35% leech from each. This is meant to balance it because it is superior to spell damage. The 4% slow stacks, indefinitely. This slows per time a unit is damaged by Memnos.




Q: Kinetic Lock

Lock a beam to a target location, creating a laser between it and Memnos. This deals cosmic damage to enemy units inflicted per second. Lasts 5 seconds.

  • Effect Duration: 5
  • Cast Range: 9
  • Energy Cost: 70/80/90/100
  • Cooldown: 17 at all levels

Level 1. 70 [+30% INT] cosmic damage per second.

Level 2. 90 [+30% INT] cosmic damage per second.

Level 3. 110 [+30% INT] cosmic damage per second.

Level 4. 130 [+30% INT] cosmic damage per second.


IN DEPTH: The effect will look like Jackson's link to a target point, dealing damage to all units it comes across. I made it a 5 second duration so you can't abuse this with a Transporter and deal damage across the whole map. Warp shard is still an open option though. The effect of timescale on this is that it lasts the same duration (maybe by making the target point a unit with 0% timescale) but the laser ticks more depending on your timescale. This applies the Heroic Passive every second. The beam has a width of 2.00 units.




W: Irradiate

Irradiate a target unit, restoring/damaging life to allied/enemy units, with bonus damage equal to a percentage of the target's maximum health. The target unit itself speeds up/slows down in both movement and time scale. This deals 50% of the damage to units surrounding it. Lasts 8 seconds.

  • Effect Duration: 8
  • Cast Range: 9
  • Area of Effect: 1.75 radius
  • Energy Cost: 40/50/60/70
  • Cooldown: 18 at all levels

Level 1. 12 [+2.5% Health] healing/damage per second, +/- 11% movement speed and time scale.

Level 2. 16 [+2.5% Health] healing/damage per second, +/- 13% movement speed and time scale.

Level 3. 20 [+2.5% Health] healing/damage per second, +/- 15% movement speed and time scale.

Level 4. 24 [+2.5% Health] healing/damage per second, +/- 17% movement speed and time scale.


IN DEPTH: This is a basic support spell that acts as a semi-AoE. The 2.5% Health translates to 20% of their total health regained or damaged. This may seem much, but that's the whole point of it- to be very effective on allied or enemy tanks. The effect is a cloud with 100% bonus damage on the centered unit [regular damage], thus not affected by timescale. The Heroic Passive applies every second.




E: Gizmo Reel

[OFF] Switch your attack to a constant stream. This way, you deal 60% of your weapon damage and bonus damage per second, reeling them over the duration of the attack. This drains energy per second and damage ticks every split second. During this time, your attack range is increased to 7.

[ON] Switch back to your regular attack.

  • Effect Duration: Infinite
  • Attack Range: 7
  • Energy Cost: 15/20/25/30 per second
  • Cooldown: 1

Level 1. 0.75 unit reel per second, 14 [+20% INT] bonus damage per second.

Level 2. 0.90 unit reel per second, 18 [+20% INT] bonus damage per second.

Level 3. 1.05 unit reel per second, 22 [+20% INT] bonus damage per second.

Level 4. 1.20 unit reel per second, 26 [+20% INT] bonus damage per second.


IN DEPTH: This is a damage translator. It simply changes your damage from 100% weapon damage as cosmic damage to 60% weapon damage + 26 + 20% INT at maximum level. This is recommended because it has an additional reel and the weapon speed is automatically reduced to 1, being further reduced by timescale. The Heroic Passive applies per second.




R: Manipulation

Manipulate your own mechanical systems, increasing time scale dramatically, and letting all your attacks splash around for a percentage of the original damage. Lasts 6 seconds, the effect itself is not affected by timescale.

  • Effect Duration: 6
  • Cast Range: Self
  • Area of Effect: 2.00 radius
  • Energy Cost: 175/275/375
  • Cooldown: 75/60/45

Level 1. 30% Time Scale, splash equal to 15% of the original damage.

Level 2. 40% Time Scale, splash equal to 20% of the original damage.

Level 3. 50% Time Scale, splash equal to 25% of the original damage.


IN DEPTH: This is a basic upgrade effect that lasts 6 seconds. 50% Time Scale means more effective spells and the cooldowns being jotted away. The splash damage does not apply to the unit itself, but rather to the units in a 2.00 radius around it, applying Heroic Passive stacks, which is the ultimate goal. That means you double the stacks if you put your spells on two units and so forth.


This hero is currently unfinished. I shall finish it soon.

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The fact that the passive will introduce a new Parameter of damage into AoS could be a nightmare from a programing perspective. It literally means every single hero would have to be tagged with a new parameter within their constructers labeled as cosmic damage... It would be cool, but definitely a lot of work. Since this is the basis behind your hero design I am sorry to say that this would essentially break down this hero's current kit.

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Well, you could probably "cheat" a little by saying that he does cosmic damage, but what he really would do is to deal half of his damage as true and half of it as physical/spell. It'd have a similiar effect except for the leech.


This was the idea. To split the damage. The problem is, the leech. THE LEECH. That's what I couldn't think of through. Sorry for the late response.


Heroes with 100 base HP? Really?

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