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PRO's Master guide for AoS(not true but troll)


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Firstly it's a great idea to start with 12 mana pots. then you can lay them down near the towers and lure enemies to pick them up.


Then you can use your nova to blink wall ult to one shot the enemy. using a cow is very effective against aa heroes, his venomous reflux can easily counter cloak abilities.


Plus if u r boros try ult in the river because you travel much faster in the river. if you ult a grunty, you will be running like wind.


Beware of null, cuz he's the toughest tank in the game, also null's bone blade boomerang can cut you in half.


Finally try cyprus he's so op late game. with duran's machete and balancer he's just UNSTOPPABLE. his ult can recall all his allies and gain 500% weapon dmg.


wow, such an op game.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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