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Parody of AoS


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Ok i am thinking about making a short parody video about AoS, especially its recent patch.


What I would like you guys to do is make a short video clip (10-20 seconds or someth. ) where you are playing AoS (screen record) while you are raging about what is all so wrong with the last patch (voice recording). I would at least need 10 short videos from different players to get this to work.


If you are interested in sending me your video, PM me.



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Oh, you mean something like this?




Do anotha!'


Edit: Then again, this would fit pretty ok if you replaced Cow with Viron, Biotron with Crackling and Vorpal with whatever hero you guys think is OP right now. Then replace LoL with DotA 2.


I remember when this video first came out lol. i was pretty upset that they didnt bring back cow at that point too. but nobody wants viron back

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We can also have a love fest with you :)




Im sure GuZ wants a threesome, but im hetero guz, accept it omfg


Ohhh hahahha!! No no I pass!! Even if residente looks like a chick (ladyboy) he said he is from Spain but I'm sure he is Thai!! ;).. So my answer is NO I need to real chicks for it!! Haha

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So until here, i count:




DarkNina (not sure if GuZ told her, and if he will take part in as well)


Skydie would be great if you make a short video with you and diipa :D


And to the very end:


watch this thread get locked very soon.



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