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Jungling in 1.48


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I cant say exactly why, but i dont like the jungling in v1.48

1. Jungling with the new talent trees (+15 ad/leech)

2. All the buffs of the camps were put out of the game


IMO both these facts kinda medicate themselves but i liked buffs more

i think firebat gave 25% leech before and talent gives 12% permanently

Also there is no more resistance ( at least not in my talent tree)


-----> i personally found it to be harder to jungle now, what i can basicly understand since fckin lane creeps arent worth a shap anymore and jungle stayed same bounty


I want some oppinion on the fact if you like old jungling with buffs or generally overpowered talents more because i feel a little weird about it, cant explain it^^


EDIT: is it a bug that you dont get buffs? or should it be that way?

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Jungling is way stronger after the patch, and here is why.


With the new talent stats, it enables a lot of hero that were previously unable to jungle well starting from level 1.


Lane experience and materials gain are lowered. It makes jungling stronger.



I am not quite understand your 2. point but I think all the balance on hero are justified in this patch.


You still gain resistance from talent. It is in Utility now and made stronger as well.

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