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Crackling Builds/Strategies


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I like the items Coat of Arms and Hive Symbiosis (not sure if spelled correctly) because with CoA that cute lings attack faster, and you also get some hp and armor, and with Symbiosis, you have leech, agi (more armor and ws) and your lings will also give you some leech, with your W, I don't know if zerglings also leech 200% damage dealt, but if they do that, Hive Symbiosis is even better imo :3


I also buy Time Splitter, and Contamination Shard, because they were buffed and they give very nice damage and tons of weapon speed from Splitter. FoE is also good when you dont have ulti because they will not scape.


And... I don't know, maybe the leech from W is a little bit op, in one game today, in the enemy T2 tower, I raped a Tychus with ulti active, I had x2 Machette, Cont. Shard and nothing else.


I don't think this is the best build because you will not reach 400 damage fully geared but I only played one game with this Zergling and I found this build nice.

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Well his heal ability is very strong which makes barbed plating a great item on him because healing/lifesteal increases your effective hit points and therefore can make barbed plating a great attrition item on him. So I would probably build him for attack damage (not necessarily speed as his W scales with weapon damage) and lifesteal plus barbed. So the build I have for him now with 2 points on offense for weapon speed and lifesteal and 4 points in defense is:


(1) Flare Gun

(2) Pyre

(3) Ihan (sell once you get 10 stacks)

(3) Barbed Plating

(4) Sunflare Gun

(5) Hand of Mengsk

(6) Hive Symbiosis

(7) Darwin's Might


So you have a base of 82% lifesteal that is amplified to 132% with Darwin's active plus all the lifesteal you get with hive symbiosis' passive, and when HoM is active you also are near the attack speed cap, plus you have 44 armor and barbed plating which in effect means the physical damage dealt to you by enemies actually hurts them more than it hurts you since you have around 75% physical damage resist from armor (not including the base 15% damage resist for all heroes). On top of that, his heal is very strong in sustaining your health and making the damage dealt to the enemy via barbed plating go that much farther.


Crackling seems like he could be a bit OP with the right build, but it is too early to say at this point.

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Black Hole Magnum --> Works nice with W being on next hit ( 150% WD)


Pyre--> Weapon Damage and Passive


Darwin's Might --> Life steal and Weapond dmg or Hand of Mengsk


Khali Blade --> Weapon Dmg


Shinobi Style--> Utility/ Weapon dmg


Gravity Edge---> Spamming spell damage --> Spamming True Dmg.

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I haven't played him yet, but I imagine that I would go for (in no particular order):


HoM, Glactic Defender, FoE, Pyre, C Shard, BHM. Plenty of damge, surviabilty, leech, so on. mini's are nice, but with the amount of readily available AoE (I suspect that soon, most people will get explosive refit, for clearing creeps faster) I don't think that focusing on them will be a good and reliable strategy.

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he is played as a jungle AA carry.



5 offensive, 1 defensive (might, lifesteal, attackspeed, +1.5 lvl, haste, and then integrity for healthier jungling or utility +1.2energy regen for skill spamming)


Start machette, 1 point in E, 1 point in Q


Start firebat camp in short lane, then take tanks -> this should bring you to level 3, skill up E


Gank short lane immediately. They should be in the middle of their first creepwave -> only lvl 1 unless they took veteran as well.


Max E first, Grab W as needed for jungle sustain. Leave Q at lvl 1. Take ult whenever possible.


Build 2 machettes. You should be able to take Aeon at ~6:30 minute mark with 2 machettes.


Build a kinetic battery if your team has mana problems. Otherwise keep yourself stocked up on mana pots.


Build pulse hammer for durability and the ability to chase along with ur E and R


Rush a Masamune if you are doing really well. the raw damage works wonderfully with your W, the cooldown reduction helps as zergling is heavily casting based, and the 25% time always helps... with integrity/just being an Agi hero, you offset the -20% physical resist.


Otherwise, a pyre or galactic defend is good


Or you can go attackspeed build with stunbaton + lethal and khali blade


Finish force of entropy whenever you feel like you need the health


Grab Darwins if needed.


Other items are on a as-needed basis


Always finish off with a black hole magnum for amazing burst damage on your W

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Contrary to what some people say, avoid building a Black Hole Magnum till you actually have decent Weapon Damage. Most of his abilities scale with Weapon Damage and while Black Hole's effect stacks well on top of his W, it provides little Weapon Damage.


Edit: Also, Pyre is not that great of an item for him, since its damage does not come from Weapon Damage, it comes from a Spell Damage effect. Stick to Khali Blade and Galactic Defender first.

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