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atack speed cap (1.48) and creep spawn


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i've just played a game that was a nova on my team (with good lifesteal, high damage and atack speed) and in the other team, a tipical shadow with good damage and mass atack speed.


on late game, nova was stunlocking with stun batton and dealing mass damage with the -1.4 on atack speed

i was alpha zergling, and, whe i faced shadow, after he begun to atack me, and i saw i was going to lose, i used my ulti to scape (try); he was just teleporting to me like in 4 range units or more (yeah, wtf) and plus, when there was other melee hero attacking me, i think shadow was blockiing my path with the mass teleporting thing


creeps are now in massive numbers against the towers, making them fall fast, the base was just overrun by creeps, there was like an army hitting the base + the opponent heroes, something that makes the base nearly impossible to defend, cuz when u atack the heroes, creep will surround u, making easy targets...


on my conception, the agi heroes based on atack speed + lifesteal are now too strong to strength heroes.

is that only me? =P

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Why all only think AGI can reach that potential? You only need Lifesteal, Weapon Speed and Crit (which is superior to all).

If you have problems with Lifesteal, use Executioner's Axe!

AA heroes still have problems against Burst-Casters on distance, but especially Shadow rapes you even faster now when he get onto you due to silly "Stepping Strikes" mechanic...

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Any hero that has a "now you attack at maximum speed" ability is sooo brookkeeennnn!




I'm all for a Cain buff but Tosh didn't need one.


Also this buffs Shadow far too much as he can now attack WAY too fast.


Also, this makes Critical Builds the best build ever due to Lethal Barb.


Lethal Barb, Khali Blade, Shadowmourne, Cerebro, Chaos Prism, and one final item = Breaks every hero.

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Now that MAAR has been nerfed I have been playing him again and one fun thing you can do now is push a few waves with MAAR then teleport like 3 waves of creeps into a tower and let the creeps own it and before the enemy can do anything about it, use return to get back home safely. Just rinse and repeat for the win since the game is now more about killing creeps than killing heroes.

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