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The Functionality of Transporters


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Transporters were removed in this patch in exchange for Return/Transport. Now I know a lot of people enjoy the functionality of Transporters, and we're going to be observing it's impact on gameplay in the following weeks to see if further additions are unnecessary to fully optimize it's place in the game.


Transporters currently suffer from several problems:


- Transporters have become an item of absolute necessity at certain points in the game. As a result, players have often asked us for additional inventory slots just to contain this item as part of their toolkit.


- The mineral trade-off on Transporters creates many "false choice" scenarios that are heavily punishing. For example:

You may transport to a tower to defend it, only to be decimated upon arrival should your allies not arrive to assist you. In order for your allies to assist you in such a situation, they too, must have Transporters. As a result, not having a Transporter is directly detrimental to your team as a whole, and isolates you as a player for not having one. Whole teams must then expend at least 5 inventory slots to prepare for that one instance in which a Transporter may be important.


- Transporters offer no distinction between offensive and defensive mobility, the latter of which is more fundamental to the overall toolkit. We've made defensive mobility available at all times with Return. Offensive mobility can added as independent elements, unique to the environment in which they need to operate.


- Transporters significantly weaken the effectiveness of ward coverage, since enemies will navigate via teleportation as opposed to terrain.


- Transporters replace the importance of sustainability during the laning phase with uncertain costs that vary greatly between players. This weakens the concept of optimal design, and at varying skill levels can completely cycle out the usefulness of certain items at their prime.




Transporters also do a few great things:

- Transporters make team engagements slightly more common.

- Transporters give you the great feeling of skipping all that walking you would otherwise have had to do.

- Transporters make you available everywhere.




Future Considerations:

We'd like to maintain the functionality of Transporters in a way that is less punishing to a player with good intentions. As a example, the following design is being considered (amongst others):


[Keeper's Staff]

Anabolic Circulator[425] + Nullifier[875] + 250 = 1550

+4 Health Regen

+16% Spell Resist

[Active] Teleport to target Structure after a 6 second channel. Upon arrival, spawn 2 Melee Creep and 1 Ranged Creep. 60 second cooldown.


An item of this design will allow players to maintain the capacity to travel between lanes post-laning phase, where the defensive tactics begin to matter (as towers will begin to fall). Early adapatation of the Staff will delay the enemy team's capacity to receive the team-wide 200 mineral bonus from towers, and give better map control to the user's team. More interesting uses could involve players using the item to generate a larger creep wave for their team push. This item is resource-efficient, as the base stats are highly cost effective. By the time the player needs to swap out the item, they will likely have more than enough resources to disregard the cost of the item. In this case, the "cost" of Transporters come with a set of base stats that remain useful even if the item itself is not frequently activated.



We're not replacing Transporters "just because". We acknowledge that there are things that Transporters are great at doing, and are working on specifying those things in our future additions. There's a host of items we've moved up the list because we can now diversify further between different forms of offensive mobility, so you can expect those to see release in upcoming patches.


Overall, we can do better than Transporters, and we're working on doing so.

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RNG i understand your point that TPs are an incredibly important item atm. But with these changes, will the new item not be a necessity as well? or, as we had it in beta, the teleport talent?

I think using a TP is much easier for new players than going for this item or the talent.

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Ultimately, the importance of Transporters will be diversified by the addition of utility-specific designs. The most fundamental one: defensive mobility, is being taken care of by Return. The rest will arrive in following patches.


return doesnt let u defend a tower it takes u back to base :P base =/= t1or t2 tower. until late game it has no defensive use

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As a DotA player for many years before completely switching to SotIS/AoS (started in ~4.0 SotIS), I initially found this change disheartening when I read about it in the beta changelogs. Teleport Scrolls/Transporters are just so built in to and a fundamental element of this genre (speaking specifically about DotA 1-2, HoN, and SotIS here) that removing it seem like taking a large familiar chunk of overall hero mobility within the game away.


However, after reading your balanced analysis of the pros and cons of such an item, I can more understand and appreciate the rationalization for removing Transporters.


They were definitely an absolute necessity to everyone's item inventories. But I liked how you shed some light on the offensive and defensive mobility purposes of Transporter - removing the Transporter more emphasizes the disparity in these purposes, which I think is a design decision in the right direction. I also agree with your reasoning on how transporters can override certain items, especially health and mana replenshing items in the lane-ing phase, because it could be abused with low amounts of minerals in exchange for full regeneration and item shopping with a trip to and from the base at no cooldown. It will also be interesting to see the impact of ward coverage given the removal of transporters. Will players begin to start warding lanes more often now, in order to spot enemy players moving from base back to lane since they can no longer just teleport from base?


I have to ask though due to sheer curiosity, what's the basis for not allowing players to cancel Transporters before this version or not being able to cancel Transport (the active Utility talent) in the latest version?

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I like this change, I just find that the map is too big, or movement speed is to low, to make this change work well. I think that if base movement speed was made higher, then this change would be better.


There is a large range of new movement speed talents... I suggest you make use of them. :)

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afaik, the large range is 2? and for one, you need 4 points in offense, which is only viable on dps heroes. and the other one grants 7% MS. well, run 7% faster back to your lane, that's a joke.


you are wrong, zeal, +13% move speed if >70% hp, and the other talent +7%, if you have both talents you will have +0.96-1 move speed, the problem is that without them you will have only natural +0.4


Today I played Brine with that 2 talents, spell buffer, gravity edge and phantom menace (forgo buying soul silver flob!) and i had +2.2 and +3.25 when using W XD

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I respect your opinion on this matter but with all due respect, I think the some of the changes seem to be a bit... challenging to overcome and should be changed again. The default 'F' key utilizes Energize and Vitalize together but the healing is greatly reduced. Also, if a player wants to follow 2 paths on the talent tree, then they cannot get the last skill on any path and the default 'F' key isn't too reliable. This is why I think there should either be 7 skill points instead of 6 so you could get at least 1 last skill on any path or keeping it to 6 points but changing the default 'F' key to be a bit more useful; maybe around how Energize and Vitalize were but a bit weaker.

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i also have another problem... u have return mapped to the D key and i have gotten used to that... but then when i go play lol i cant count the number of times that i have wasted my flash trying to get back to base... >.< pls change the hotkey for return


lol happened to me whith the beta. When I wanted to go base in pubs I just wasted protect xD

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Why dont you just say : hey we switching from Dota mode to "lol"mode.

Wait for me couple of more matches,will be more like Lol..


Aos gradually lost its unique fun,ultimately if I wanna play something similar why do I chose you when there are Lol,dota2exist,there are unique too

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