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So this has been bugging me for awhile now but how exactly do denies work?


There are times when I try to deny using "A" and am unable to attack my own wave, and others where I can do it just fine

And there are games where I see my opponents do it left and right (even if I can't for some reason)


What are the rules on when you can and can't kill off your own creeps to deny?


And do you actually get anything for it or is it just to keep your opponents from getting minerals?


(usually I just get mad when someone keeps denying in my lane cause its kind of dick, but I thought I would finally ask about it)

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Creeps need be on low HP, i think it is something around 50% or that. Only then you can deny them.


Your opponent gets no minerals from the creep, and only gets half the amount of the original XP (if you deny a lot, he will fall behind in levels by a small amount). Denying is not that viable anymore because it used to deny 100% of the XP, now this is not the case anymore.

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