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Hai! Aesahaettr here!


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Nick: Aesahaettr

Region : EU



I'm currently residing in UK, so if I'm complaining about lags, it's legit! And who's playing from UK knows what I'm talking about. Even thou I'm living here, I'm not from UK, so pardon my Engrish.


I'm playing only PUB games. Why? I don't have a team to play IHG and I can't be bothered with randoms. I use to play loads of Lineage2 and when I was in random party, well, long story short, bad memories and experience, no thank you very much, not again.


Heroes. I use to play a lots of Nova to learn about Items and heroes. Now I'm focusing on Raynor Rancor Erekul Zeratul Unix and Zyrkhan.


Mumble. I'm not using it, don't see a point to use it with strangers, specially after I saw how some people present themselves in game. But of course I have mic/headphones.


As you've might already seen, I'm posting some "tutorials" of certain heroes, and hopefully, if it's not going to be stumped upon way too hard, I'll keep doing it ;)



Sooooo, nice to meet you and hope to see you IG!

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@Skydie : That's what I'm talkin about. It's like playing with randoms. No, thank you very much. If I'm going to play IHG, then only with teammates I've played some games already and I'm comfortable with. I want to have fun, not listening to BS and arguments over stupid things.



Just wondering how many people will get this. :D


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Its not really an inhouse if you are just with pub players... 2 pub parties playing against each other is normally called a pub house. And any "randoms" you would get from mumble are most likely going to be better than any pub player you play with or you in general. I'm not saying this is 100% accurate, but it is a lot more likely.


Also you dont use it because they are strangers? How do you make friends? Yeah the first couple days you're on it its a little awkward because you dont know anyone, but if you just throw yourself out there then you'll make friends real quick.

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