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[V1.47~] Tiberius.Rancor [pub] Sneaky, sneaky $%@#%!


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Here's the 2nd part of my favorite combo Raynor&Rancor! Tiberius.Rancor, one of the most hated heroes while playing properly and on pub.


Tiberius Rancor is Agility hero, but this 2 builds I'm going to talk about are focused on INT.

1st one is pretty simple, straightforward and well-known, I guess. It's focused solely on INT and it's powerful, with lots of explosions and... boring.

2nd one, things are bit mixed, it's risky, I wouldn't play it, at least not the way I'm going to describe it, in IHG, also, for me, it's hell of fun!



"You have something on your face... *gunshot* Got it!"




1 passive 4 active skills.


Passive :

- Resourcefulness. 50% of the price back when using consumables. For me, one of the most useful passive skills out there.

Get your INT/AGI drugs cheaper, not faster when your inventory is full thou (check bug section).


Active :

- Dead Eye Lockdown.(Q) Stun your target for 1,6sec, deals 60/ 110/ 160/ 210 dmg + 150% INT +50% weapon damage. Pretty nasty thing if you ask me, also bread and butter for what you want to do.

- Satellite Vision. (W) Scan, 10 unit radius, last 8sec, reuse 60/ 50/ 40/ 30s

- Dead Eye Cloak. (E) Invisibility and speed. If you cast any spell from invisibility mode, it will add 10s to re-use. speed - last for - reuse : 6% 20s 25s/ 10% 30s 20s/ 14% 40s 15s/ 18% 50s 10s

- Armageddon. (R). Nuke, after 2s after calling it, it will drop and deal damage. 120/ 200/ 280 + 75%INT



-Same for me as I'm using for Raynor, cos I'm lazy and using them pretty much on every INT focused char :F



Skills order.

Well, that depend so much on enemy, but I'm getting lockdown 1st then trying to get cloack on lvl 3 and after then max lockdown, as soon as I can ulti and, again depend on enemy, stats or scan last. This depend so much on player, that there is not really a good key for "right" decision.

- Check post down here for discussion about it.



1st BO, full INT.


Step 1

I'm starting with Pendant and HP capsule. Some people prefer machete, I like Pendant because of +MP +INT which benefits my skills for the whole duration of the game. Usually going for long line, since Rancor get get away pretty easily from danger thanks to the Invisibility, but be careful, being invisible doesn't mean being invulnerable!

Pendant vs Machete discussion down here :P


Step 2

Lvl 6-7. Blue Gene. 1250, 10% cooldown reduction, 250 energy aaaaand most important thing +20INT (5stacks) with assists or kill, that means up to the 100INT. Pretty good for item of that price.


Step 3

LVL 15~. Some people prefer Argus Crystal, some Gravity Edge, some Nitrogen Refit. Personally I'm going for Gravity Edge, mostly because of +6% speed. Weapon damage benefits you as well for Lockdown and 35% True damage will never hurts.


Step 4

Argus Crystal. +100INT +20% spell damage, You just want this item with this build. I've seen people even rushing for it after pendant.


Step 5

If you haven't figured out what to do by now, I have some bad news for you...

Just "Nuke them all!". Or use combo, Nuke, lockdown, nuke. Pretty effective. Thanks to your INT low HP heroes will melt or suffer heavy damage. Use cloak to get your ass to the right position in right time and be careful on everything that come close by or is equipped with True Sight.


Step 6

Nukes and more nukes! That's about it. Add more Argus Crystals for more INT or something with Int. I wouldn't go for sunflare gun with this build, cos you have nothing to back it up with, but might work good with your teammates.

Yamato Reactor also sounds like good idea. I'm not going to post all stats here, just check it out. Thanks to Quistmann for suggestion.



It's very simple and straightforward build. Keep your distance and use your invisibility to get into position, nuke the crap out of them!





2nd BO,

Flare gun focused. This will most likely work just on PUB, so take it with grain of salt. And I'm having so much fun with this :P



Step 1

Same as in previous BO, pendant, HP capsule.


Step 2

Now, as of late, as 2nd item I'm getting Blue Gene, instead of rushing for Flare gun. It's just benefits my "early-mid game" much better then rushing for flare gun.


Step 3

Flare gun! And now fun begins. 400 damage active +35 weapon damage +20% Life steal. Anything with low HP will melt! Since you have invisibility and stun, they will just hate you. Sneak into your position, predict movements of your prey, nuke location where is prey going to run, lock down, flare gun, +1! Most of the times :) If it's not working, try to run away or finish with AA if the target is really low on HP. Try to gang people, screw the tower hugging, it's about fun, have it! Kill people and don't die, sounds simple, but it's not.


Step 4

Gravity Edge. +6% +70INT +20 Weapon Damage 35% of spell damage is True damage. I just love + speed things. With that you are more powerful, sneakier and if playing good, hated/flamed. If you were staying at 1 place till now, something is wrong. Change it! Move and try to kill people. You still have nice INT so you can jungle with nukes pretty easily, not efficiently thou.


Step 5

Ocelot Revolver. +28 agi +16INT, after using ability + 100% weapon damage for 1 shot. Quite often my target, if they successfully dodged nuke, ran away with very low HP and my AA wasn't just good enough or worth risk of getting killed and loose all my INT stacks. This solved my problem.


-Sometimes, I swap step 5 and step 4. Depend on what kind of enemy are you facing what how's your damage looks like.


Step 6

Upgrade Flare Gun into the Sunflare Gun. It's already late game, maybe just early stages, but still, and people tend to have level 18. So 400dmg it's just not enough. Upgrade will cost you something around 3K. So it's pretty big investment, but it's worth it. 400dmg + 25% of their current health active, +60INT +40 weapon damage +20% leech.


Step 7

Now, lots of depend on situation what do you want to get, more INT or stronger finishing blow. Argus(4,1K) vs upgrade Ocelot to Star's Furry. 90% of the time, it's Star's Furry for me. +30agi +30INT +15%cooldown reduction +30% weapon speed +250 energy and as unique you got after ability 1st shot after spell get bonus +100%INT.


Step 8

Most of the time selling pendant and buying Argus Crystal, leaving 1 slot open for some "situational" item, Pyre/Warp Shard or something like that. Depend on enemy.



This build is purely about adding to "nuke them!" one more layer. It requires very good awareness of enemy movements so sentry wards might be a good idea. You want to pick up low HP heroes and also, later on, with Sunflare help to kill tanks fairly quickly. Don't forget, you are Rancor, you have low HP, specially with my Kamikaze talents. Be patient, wait for your chance, kill your target and disappear.






Overall and TL:DR



- Rancor is low HP hero. Treat him this way.

- As people down here mentioned, sentry wards are pretty important. I'm not going to talk about them, I don't know how to do it properly, yet. I believe there is one "tutorial" on this forum, check it out!

- 1st BO, get INT items, 2nd BO, Flare gun + lock + nuke + finish with boosted shot from revolver.




Have fun!

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Why you begin with pendant + hp capsule? With the correct talents you should have +1.5 health regen, +0.75 mana regen, with the extra mana, extra hp, extra attributes, avarice, vitalize and protect, you dont need any potion if you play well.


You also need a machette to begin, the int bonus from pendant is ridiculously low to be noticed in the early game, but in the other hand, the bonus weapon damage of machette will facilitate your last hits a lot.


So with machette, you can rush blue gene faster, because you will get a lot of last hits (if you know last hit lol)


0 points on defense with the current talent tree is stupid imo right now, the extra hp, regen, the evasion and +20% move speed when evade and ofc the best talent of all Potect!



And why you never mentioned buy wards? why!? Rancor's passive and his cloak make him the perfect warder, ward aeon, ward levi, ward the neutral camp, etc. And of course you didn't talk about stalking their jungle: When you have that massive amount of int, agi heros will be forced to don't go to the lane, so they will try to farm neutral creeps, that's when you ward their jungle, and wait them, and in the right moment... BOOOM IN THE FACE



PS: i prefer argus over gravity as first item because the spell amp, because in that stage of the game, enemies dont have spell resist


Anyway, thanks for the effort making this guide! I hope you can use some colors to make it easy to read and that stuff, good job

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And why you never mentioned buy wards? why!? Rancor's passive and his cloak make him the perfect warder, ward aeon, ward levi, ward the neutral camp, etc. And of course you didn't talk about stalking their jungle: When you have that massive amount of int, agi heros will be forced to don't go to the lane, so they will try to farm neutral creeps, that's when you ward their jungle, and wait them, and in the right moment... BOOOM IN THE FACE


nice strategy - i will test it.

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Always get impact dial with rancor

the mobility is nice in general and in pubs new users always have that WTF moment if you use impact on them ^^


pls no -_- rancor is an int carry atm and u cant be wasting item slots on support items when u need to be building those big int items.



no machette unless your going for aa build or u feel incompetent at last hitting. with the +15 aa buff to all heros last hitting isnt that hard. and u dont get pendant for more dmg on snipes, u get it so that u can use your snipe every 12 seconds and never run out of mana. snipe the enemy snipe the creeps snipe for the win.


also the talent build is ok (its actually the one i use lol which i didnt expect to see) rancor is one of the squishiest heros in the game but also one of the sneakiest. if u make a mistake and get out of position or snipe at the wrong time and they can see u... 250 extra hp isnt going to save u and protect is ok but its not worth have to put talents into the defense tree. when i play rancor with this talent build i come out of games with the least deaths and least dmg in pubs and Ih.


also wards yes :D wards wards wards buy allll the wards



your skill order should be like this [q-e-q-e-q-r-q-w-e-e-r-w-w-y-r-y-y] unless you are losing to a cloaked hero in your lane, or u know that getting it will get u a kill in which case u grab ur w at lv 2-4. but getting level 2 cloak is so important as it allows u to perma-cloak making it easy to ket kills and with the extra movement speed lets u gank other lanes too.


the item build is good but im just going to throw my $0.02 at it.

-Only get blue gene if you are winning your lane. no point in getting it if u are losing and dyeing/not getting any kills.

-throwing an ihan in there early in your build is always good as it gives u hp which will help you out plus u want to be getting the stacks so u can sell it later.

-argus/gravity edge debate. unless your opponent is stacking spell resist argus is the better choice to grab first. u already have great movement speed (+18%) from being perma-cloaked and 20 weapon dmg is meh compaired to 100int and 20% extra spell dmg.

-@sunflare gun... this item used to be a staple on rancor but it just isnt quite as good anymore but its not worthless. if u are doing super good early game i mean raping the other team (i.e u have a blue gene with full stacks and money to spend) grabbing a sunflare gun is increadible during the mid game and will add more to your dmg combo than getting an argus or gravity edge will can make ur ganks even scarier than they already are. (combo turns into sunflare-nuke-snipe-nuke)

- at some point u r going to want to grab a Reactor as another 30% dmg buff to ur combos is better than getting a second argus.

- at some point u want a nitrogen as it gives great int great health and the passive aint bad either

- grabbing stars fury on an int rancor with 600 int is a great deal and lets u kill all the things even better than u could before.


I wont say anything about the second build as i never build rancor anything onther than what i already said but hybrid and aa rancor are very strong as well

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Thanks for creative feedback to every one.


@Sentry Wards. I did mention it but, tutorial is not done properly, so you can't clearly see it, it is there thou. I'm also fairly-new to MOBA genre so I started to use this kind of things like... 2 weeks ago? I'm not going talk about how to do it properly cos I don't know how to do it at the 1st place, but it is there :P


@Machete vs Pendant.

Today I was playing with Machete and I have mixed feelings about it. With pendant I know exactly how's my MP going to be at what stage against certain enemies and so on. With machete I don't have so much experience, yet, so maybe I just need to get use to it.

When it comes to last hit, I'm taking most of the time long lane, which is quite often "action-heavy" and I'm not really using my AA to finish creeps, cos there is not time for such a thing, but it's quite good for early neutral creeps.



- I prefer to get asap lvl3 cloak. 4th level is for me overkill on MP, lvl 2 is not "safe" enough cos of re-use.

- I like blue gene in every situation. For 1250 you at least got cooldown. If I'm dying a lot, that means, something is terribly wrong with me or simply team composition. Still, for me it's worth it. And I don't like Ihan in my comp, don't know why, gotta try it.

- I'm just whore for + speed items. My biggest focus when I'm playing is to get into to right position in right time (Raynor INT main hero so...), therefore for my play style, this fits best. Also there is like 500~ money difference. Depend a lot against whom I'm playing against and if we are winning or not, so it's "I need something powerful right now or rather I wait 500 and get better stuff?"

- I'm getting flare gun as 3rd item, use to be 2nd. So it's like early-mid game. If played right (PUB) it's hell a lot of fun :P

- With INT only build Yamato is ok, but I'm not playing that style that often, or rather never, I'll add it to the 1st post thou, sounds like a very good idea.

- Try it man! Blue Gene, flare gun, Revoler/Gravity, Gravity/Revoler, Sunflare, Star's Fury, Argus. If I'll find some good looking replay, where I don't play against so terrible opponents or screwing up badly, I'll post it here.

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Why get Machette OR Pendant

When you can just get

All three stat potions for a measly 414 minerals

That leaves you with 236 minerals for:



So get all three stat potions, a Ward, Health Capsule, 2x Energy Capsule? >_>


For the record that's better than just about anything else you can do; you'll get:

+18 STR, +18 AGI, +18 INT

+10% Physical and Spell Damage Resistance

+10% Weapon Damage

+10% Cooldown Reduction


Which isn't shabby especially given that you are now surprisingly TANKY; and are also able to Last-hit; and are able to use a fair number of Snipes [that's why extra Energy Capsules]. These snipes will also be quite a lot more POWERFUL; too-- they'll deal an additional 40 or so damage than if you didn't have the potions.

And you can use the Ward on the runes and thus prevent mid from ganking you and maybe gank mid once in a while or help mid gank your lane.

Alternatively [screw teamwork], another Energy Capsule instead of a Ward.

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Yup, you are likely to do 2 + attacks on the target you snipe, so it does more. Also a component of Gravity Edge. Oh and, 11 extra damage physical damage, due to extra 10% of 10 extra damage :P


@NoTpErFecT: check out the replay thread, the latest Replay is that of me playing Rancor with that same build although I think I replaced sentry ward with hp potion.

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Why get Machette OR Pendant?


Because i Want to. :P also while your build is "better" it can put you very far behind if u dont capitalize on it. pendant and machette are a much more stable and reliable so that if u mess up or dont have a spectacular early game u arent screwed. if i was in a pub where i knew i could rape face with those consumables in the first 10 min then i would but not all of us can rape like eliwan in an ih (or against the few pub players that are good) ;P i mean if your going to do this u should also get the veteran talant the the +200 minerals to start with. i mean go big or go home.

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