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[Hero] Slasher.Laun


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- Began hero creation


- Posted! Adapt and SS don't have Icons, however.


- Added Icons for all the abilities, and updated the format a LITTLE bit.


-zzz 6.0/AoS update. I redid every skill except for the E, actually.


-Changed to have no INT scaling. However, INT is still needed as I reduced his INT growth and starting INT.

-Fixed some typos/errors I made due to editing one part but not another... P=

-Added to the Additional Information Section:

-- Recommended Item Build [shop]

-- Began How to Play section.


-Shroud of Blood cooldown increased from 15 to 20. Can now hold 2 charges.

--Makes it more useful for jungling.

-Fluxing Flay energy cost decreased to 40 + 10 per level from 50 + 15 per level.

-Fluxing Flay damage decreased from 70/110/150/190 [+75% AGI] to 40/60/80/100 [+40% AGI].

--Makes it more useful for escapes and the damage just needed a nerf as it was too strong. XC

-Absorption health regen from 8/12/16/20 to 4/6/8/10, energy regen from 4/6/8/10 to 1.77/2.66/3.55/4.44.

--This is because otherwise Laun would have ubiquitous amounts of energy: casting an ability gives you more energy regen than it costs. Now it doesn't give you INFINITE energy until Lv3 and even then you can't level up the other skills.

-Hunter's Shot damage decreased from 70/110/150/190 [+50% Weapon Damage] to 60/90/120/150 [+50% Weapon Damage].

-Hunter's Shot charge cooldown decreased to 1 second from 2.



Name: Slasher.Laun

Portrait: Infested Civilian

Unit Base: Infested Civilian- preferably with plenty of decal.


Script: A bred experiment to determine intellectual capability of infested terrans when intellect was the objective. After days of waging war with a small, meek brood at his disposal, Laun heard a call to him. His only purpose was to answer that call- he fled, bringing the brood with him to the Sanctum, finding his successor BioTron and then joining the fray.

To his dismay, though, BioTron knew little about true tactics and was more about the brute-force ambush style. Laun sought to show a better way to fight, but naturally BioTron would never listen. Laun decided therefore that BioTron needed a lesson; and the best teacher is pain.


Starting Stats:

Health 280

Movement Speed 2.75

Attack Range 1.5

Attack Speed 1.8

Damage 44

Armor 2

Attack Animation | Name Claws attack | Putrid Claws

Strength – *30 + 8*

Agility – 27 + 6

Intelligence – 20 + 4







Heroic Active: Shroud of Blood [w]

"Laun cloaks for 3 seconds. The cooldown of this ability is reduced by 3 seconds each time Laun kills any unit. Can hold 2 charges."

Energy Cost: 0

Cooldown: 20

Range: Self


A simple escape ability; but is useful should Laun be jungling-- he can get many last-hits and thus it charges quickly; which gives him ample time to destroy another Jungle camp.

Hopefully not broken; but that's okay in my opinion! ^^; I really want this ability in the game [Maybe it could be Zeratul's Heroic Passive? I know everybody misses his Cloaking on attack].





Ability One: Fluxing Flay

"Laun enters a rapidly shifting state until he reaches the target unit. If the unit is an enemy, this attack deals heightened Spell Damage. If an ally was targetted, Laun and the ally cloak for 5 seconds. Laun, and the target ally are granted bonus Movement Speed and Attack Speed, or the target enemy loses the same Movement Speed and Attack Speed. This buff/debuff lasts for 5 seconds."

Energy Cost: 40 + 10

Cooldown: 13

Range: 6


Level 1: Deals 40 [+40% AGI] Spell Damage. +/- 10% Attack Speed and Movement Speed.

Level 2: Deals 60 [+40% AGI] Spell Damage. +/- 15% Attack Speed and Movement Speed.

Level 3: Deals 80 [+40% AGI] Spell Damage. +/- 20% Attack Speed and Movement Speed.

Level 4: Deals 100 [+40% AGI] Spell Damage. +/- 25% Attack Speed and Movement Speed.


This is on short cooldown as Laun is designed to be a sort of assassin hero; but Laun is able to chase enemies with this ability as well as sprint away when an allied tank comes to save him.

Could also be used strategically to get a few extra moments of cloaking-- or to not save yourself, but your ally! Bonus Movement Speed and Cloaking is epic for escapes. And it makes Laun actually useful all game, able to save an ally or two... or ten.





Ability Two: Absorbtion

"Whenever a nearby enemy uses an ability, Laun decreases their Time Scale for 3 seconds [does not stack].

Laun restores Health and Energy whenever a unit nearby uses an ability [allies and self included]."

Energy Cost: --

Cooldown: --

Range: Radius 10


Level 1: -8% Time Scale. Restores 4 Health and 1.77 Energy for every second long the cooldown is over the duration of the cooldown.

Level 2: -12% Time Scale. Restores 6 Health and 2.66 Energy for every second long the cooldown is over the duration of the cooldown.

Level 3: -16% Time Scale. Restores 8 Health and 3.55 Energy for every second long the cooldown is over the duration of the cooldown.

Level 4: -20% Time Scale. Restores 10 Health and 4.44 Energy for every second long the cooldown is over the duration of the cooldown.


Does proc healing when Heroic Passive is used; and does proc on ultimates.

Good for just some annoyance all the time and in the middle of team-fights with some bonus health and energy.

Really I just wanted to make something unique and this came to mind. P=

For the record: This ability, at level 1, recovers 4 Health and 1.77 Energy PER SECOND, with the buff lasting for time equal to the cooldown of the ability-- the BASE cooldown.

e.g.; Laun uses his Heroic Passive. For the next 20 seconds, he recovers 4 Health and 1.77 Energy each second.

If a nearby Egon were to use Caustic Salve, Laun would recover 4 Health and 1.77 Energy each second for 10/8/6/4 seconds as the cooldown decreases with level [note that the fact that Egon's Science! procs on the casted ability is NOT applied here!].

This ability will stack up each time nearby units cast abilities; so in a team-fight is very powerful should Laun not get focused down-- he will have great sustained damage.

Oh, and Laun should deal token damage from this ability. XP





Ability Three: Hunter's Shot

"Laun fires a harpoon and jerks it back with extreme force, pulling the first unit it hits closer to Laun, dealing damage and stunning for 1 second. Can be used twice in rapid succession. "

Energy Cost: 60 + 20 per level

Cooldown: 18 seconds - Can hold 2 charges max; 1 second between charges

Range: 10


Level 1: Deals 60 (+50% Weapon Damage) Spell Damage. Target moves 3.00 units closer.

Level 2: Deals 90 (+50% Weapon Damage) Spell Damage. Target moves 3.75 units closer.

Level 3: Deals 120 (+50% Weapon Damage) Spell Damage. Target moves 4.50 units closer.

Level 4: Deals 150 (+50% Weapon Damage) Spell Damage. Target moves 5.25 units closer.


PULLING POWER GOOOOOOO! You can do quite a bit of damage, actually.





Ultimate Ability: Overdrive

"Laun unveils a special melody of DNA, enhancing him and all nearby allies to the extremes, granting Bonus Time Scale, Health Regeneration, and Damage Resistance for 10 seconds. On application, removes all debuffs as well."

Energy Cost: 150/275/400

Cooldown: 90/80/70 seconds

Range: Search radius 5


Level 1: +10% Time Scale, +20 [+10% STR] Health Regeneration, +10% Damage Resistance.

Level 2: +18% Time Scale, +35 [+10% STR] Health Regeneration, +18% Damage Resistance.

Level 3: +25% Time Scale, +50 [+10% STR] Health Regeneration, +25% Damage Resistance.


Searches for 4 units in range: first applies to heroes and then other units.

Useful ulti that helps allies but hopefully not overly so; and it IS an ultimate; so 50 [+10% STR] Health Regeneration isn't that bad [for comparison, Egon's Q heals 300 [+180% INT] health over 12 seconds => 25 [+15% INT] per second, this heals for 50 [+10% STR] per second and is an ULTI, not a 2-second CD ability].




Additional Information


Recommended Item Build [shop]:




Other nifty items:



Really, it depends on how you want to build him.

*I refer to the Protoss side when I state map positions. When I say "bottom lane firebats", that means the firebats in the bottom right. For Zerg, this would be the Firebats in the top left.*

Jungle Build


-Start with a Tea Extract [sTR Potion] and 2 Health Capsules and an Energy Capsule. Cost: 455

Ideally you start at the Firebat camp at bottom lane and farm towards the base [Firebat => Tank => Thor => Shop].

=> Breakdown: Pull a MARAUDER using a double-throw of the Harpoon. Now that you've displaced them, you can smack it in the face for a bit before the Firebat shows up. Hopefully it dies-- but just before it does, Activate your Heroic Active so that you get 3 seconds cut off of the cooldown. Run over to attack the Marauder [it will be running to your previous location] and kill it. This just leaves the Firebat; so pop a Health Capsule and kill it with your Auto-Attacks. By now your cloak and Harpoon should be fully off of cooldown; so run to the Tank camp and do the same tactic-- except this time, the Tank doesn't move at all. During this fight you should get back quite a bit of your Health and not die to the tank; so you'll be golden for heading back to shop and buying your items. However, if you still have a lot of Health left; you should take the Thor camp that is closest to the base [not the one in mid]. For the Thor camp... start attacking the Marauders, and the Thor will soon enter Barrage mode. As soon as it does that, get to the area that is not in the 90 degrees in front of the Thor. Variable Strike Cannons deals a total of 500 damage and it can easily kill you at this point. From there, it's just simply auto-attacking your way to victory.

-Quickly build a Leeching Saber. You will probably have enough money after the Tank camp if you managed to get the short laner to stay off your farm. Buy a second Tea Extract so that you won't be without that buff. You may or may not get back to shop in a while.

Now, go to the Firebat near mid-lane. Kill them, then the Thor in mid, then the Tanks in-between the long-lane towers.

-Now go back to shop and get another item. Probably starting building the Glutton's Might would be best; or maybe the Runic Gavel for your Hand of Mengsk-- but the HoM should not be finished too quickly as you want to get SOME benefit from the Leeching Saber's Unique effect...

Kill Aeon. It's possible. Get mid to help.

-Now start ganking around. Linger near bottom the most really, they'll probably need it more-- and that lane has more farm unless you plan to steal the enemy farm.




-If you are running to an ally to save them, you actually have multiple ways to do that. Use Harpoon on your ally to get them out of whatever situation and then CLOAK them with your Q-- that also allows you to run in as a tank and deal some damage.



Laun's full normal combo does 400 [+100% Weapon Damage] [+40% AGI] Spell Damage, lands one free Auto-Attack [due to your Q placing you near the enemy], stuns for more than a second, and can be used every 40 seconds.

That's not too bad, right? XC

Oh, and it also causes him to heal from Absorption. P=


Laun's obviously meant to be a tanky AA person, but I really also designed him as an assassin character... that isn't a burrowing/permacloaking assassin. He has 11 seconds of cloaking by base; so if you stack CDR [see troll-build] you can perma-cloak when fighting creeps [not when fighting heroes though, unless it's a team-fight.. but that means you're wasting time by using F.F. to cloak instead of run in and attack!]

Also I immediately apologize that Laun's Heroic Passive > Cain's Ultimate. However, it's not that bad...?


If you have Lv 3 Absorption, your abilities at Lv 1 have no cost. However, the utility in levelling up the other abilities may or may not make you want to do that [but it's certainly quite troll].




Why: Gives you plenty of leech and enough CDR to just spam the hell out of your abilities; especially Fluxing Flay.

And lots of Agility to get a lot of damage out of it. P=




Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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