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How come SEA server is so undermined? Not only player skills wise but media wise. That’s why I’ve decided to set up (hopefully) an official SEA youtube channel where I’ll post all sorts of videos; videos of inhouse games, beta maps, trolls fest, funny games, pro games, pub stomps, international games and in general games with people on Mumble and those of AOS community all in HD.

Channel name: 'SC2SEAIhchannel' AOS is not mentioned in channel name itself, reason being possible future changes to the name again. AOS will be mentioned in video titles and on actual channel page.


So what say you?


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didn't your mum tell you not to talk sh it mastercodes :) keep up the good work caremate, I look forward to seeing all your videos and I'll be supporting them anyway I can. We all know that I'm the star of the videos though so make sure you don't do too many without me haha

ok bro come at me i will meat u in canberra lol jks.

i would win so easy. :P

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