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Aeon, Levi, and Creep Spawn Times


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For everyone's benefit here are the spawn times according to the in game timer (not the timer on tab)


Aeon Spawns every 8 mins. It first spawns at 2:20 and respawns 8 mins after being killed


Levi Spawns every 12 mins. It first spawns at 2:20 and respawns 12 mins after being killed


Neutral Creep spawn every 4 mins so 2:20, 6:20. 10:20, 14:20, 18:20, etc. They always respawn on the same timer no matter when you kill them. They won't respawn unless all 3 creeps in the camp have been killed.


Lane Creep spawn every 35 seconds. They spawn at 2:10 and move out at 2:20 then 2:55, 3:30, 4:05, 4:40 etc. Siege tanks spawn every 5 waves or every 175 seconds, or every 2 mins and 35 seconds.

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