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AoS Beginner Heroes


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Hey everyone,


I'm very new to AoS (though not to the action-RTS/MOBA genre) and although I've been able to learn a lot from online sources, one thing I haven't been able to find is a list of recommended heroes for new players. Can anyone please give me some suggestions for fairly simple, straightforward heroes that are relatively forgiving while I acquaint myself with the game?


In case it helps, these are the heroes I found myself playing regularly in other action-RTS/MOBA games:


DotA/Dota 2: Skeleton King, Lich, Shadow Shaman


LoL: Riven, Caitlyn, Nocturne.


HoN: Witch Slayer, Plague Rider, Flint Beastwood


Any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers.


EDIT: Oops, was intending to include this but it slipped from my mind at the time of writing this post. I have played a game already just to see the quality of the map (though considering it's #2 on the most-played list in the arcade, it'd have to be good) and I picked Tiberius.Rancor, the ghost, since one "introduction to AoS" video I saw also used him. Is Tiberius a good choice for a beginner, or are there better picks?

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i think vorpal is the easiest char to new people imo just for the fact he doesnt use mana so he is a bit easier to get a grasp of also vorp was the first char i learn to play

p.s pick a char u like and stick with it its how u feel on a role u would be decent at fullfulling not a char the u HAVE to stick to bcause u are new

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don't take Null or Bio, as they might be nerfed in upcoming patches. take stable heroes that are considered as balanced, such as Vorpal, as mentioned above. i also like the idea of toxi. i would suggest: kerrigan, vergil and maybe shadow (i consider shadow an easy hero, because his skills are easy to use. Nevertheless, he is a glass canon, so beware of the dogs)

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... LoL for Riven? Darius is so much easier for the average n00b. I got my cousin on LoL with the simple idea of even if you're total garbage in lane, you can ks everyone with your ulti over and over again. Caitlyn is the best laner for sure as an RAD. For jungling, probably Udyr for his button mashing abilities and infinite sustain in the jungle, though Amumu has the the most game changing ulti in the world.


For AoS.... boros, rancor, kerrigan, bio and toxi. If you're a good ladder player with protoss, then sentry can be added.

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