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[Hero] Experiment. Alpha W.I.P


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- Created


-Changed duration and Cool down on Adrenaline

-Reworked Ultimate Ability

-Changed colors


-Added new circumstances for ultimate to proc

-Updated Additional Info


To do:

Item build




Name:Experiment. Alpha

Portrait: Zergling

Unit Base: Black Zergling(Basic unit) *Once a point in Adrenaline is taken add trigger for winged unit*

The wings are for if it is possible.

Type: Assassin/DPS

Script:Experiment. Alpha wasn’t always how he is now, he has been twisted and mutated beyond all recognition, but this did allow Experiment. Alpha to do one thing which has only been done once, escape the swarm’s hivemind, allowing him to have a taste of freedom for the first time, but his freedom came at a price, Mengsk took him to a secret laboratory on Nemaka a planet which is as lifeless as it is barren to introduce new genes which allow him quicker reflex’s, invisibility, lack of instinct and many more genes which haven’t been unlocked, after years of experimentation Mengsk deemed him worthy and sent him into the battle field, his first assignment, Destroy James Raynor.


Starting Stats:

Base Health – [265]

Movement Speed – [2.95]

Attack Range – [1]

Attack Speed – [1.8]

Base Damage – [28]

Base Armor – [2]

Secondary - Strength – [15~30] + [4]

Main - Agility – [15~30] + [5]

Tertiary - Intelligence 0 + 0 (NON ENERGY HERO)




Heroic Passive:

From the Shadows

Effect: When Experiment. Alpha is not in combat for more than 7 seconds he becomes stealthed and cannot be seen unless within a 7 unit radius of an enemy hero or is detected by anything that can see through cloak, whilst in effect Experiment. Alpha has ever increasing critical strike chance up to a cap of 100% (Stealth effect is lost after attacking or using a spell or being attacked, critical strike effect persists after stealth is canceled but no longer continues to scale.) critical strike chance goes up by 5% every 4 seconds whilst stealthed


-Critical strike gain is 5% at all levels.



Ability One:


At the cost of his own life, Experiment. Alpha channels the fury in his blood into the blood of his enemies to cause them pain

Health Cost: 20/40/80/160

Cooldown: 5 seconds at all levels

Range: 3 unit range


Level 1: 70 damage (+30% agi) to the two closest targets %50 reduced damage to creeps

Level 2: 90 damage (+30% agi) to the two closest targets %50 reduced damage to creeps

Level 3: 110 damage (+30% agi) to the two closest targets %50 reduced damage to creeps

Level 4: 130 damage (+30% agi) to the two closest targets %50 reduced damage to creeps




Ability Two:


Experiment. Alpha uses the many chemicals injected into him during his experimentation to increase his adrenal response allowing him to move faster and react quicker

Health Cost: 40/80/110/160

Cooldown: 23/20/18/17

Range: Self-cast


Level 1: Increases attack speed, movement speed by 10% for 5 seconds

Level 2: Increases attack speed, movement speed by 15% for 6 seconds

Level 3: Increases attack speed, movement speed by 20% for 7 seconds

Level 4: Increases attack speed, movement speed by 25% for 8 seconds




Ability Three:

No pain no Gain

Experiment. Alpha has become resistant to pain over the many years of his experimentation in the labs of Mengsk allowing him to use these skills on the battle field

Health Cost: 0 at all levels

Cooldown: Passive (always active)

Range: Self cast


Level 1: 20% Chance to ignore 50 Damage

Level 2: 23% Chance to ignore 70 Damage

Level 3: 28% Chance to ignore 90 Damage

Level 4: 32% Chance to ignore 110 Damage



Ultimate Ability:

Killer Instinct

As Experiment. Alpha attacks the enemy from behind he has a chance to hit a vital part of the enemies organs dealing increased damage and causing them to bleed, while there is an enemy bleeding he gains bonus movement speed to hunt down the foe

Cooldown: passive

Range: Self cast


Level 1: 15% chance to deal 100 true damage + Grants 70% movement speed and causes the enemy to bleed for 200 physical damage over 6 seconds

Level 2: 30% chance to deal 200 true damage + Grants 75% movement speed and causes the enemy to bleed for 250 physical damage over 6 seconds

Level 3: 45% chance to deal 300 true damage + Grants 80% movement speed and causes the enemy to bleed for 300 physical damage over 6 seconds


Damage and bleed damage are unaffected by any stats or items








Additional Information

I built this hero around being a assassin, being built as a hero who chases the enemies who try to run away, as his bloodfury is his only skill that scales with agility, it is smart to build him as an agi/tank hybrid with spell resistance as he already will have a high armor rating due to scaling as an agility hero. It is also important to build high health as all his abilities, require health to cast (except his no pain no gain passive), His ultimate also makes him a great chaser as if the hero gets away with less then 200 health they are going to die (unless they have health potions or Health/mana regen F ability.


For those who are wondering where the heroic passive came from, and for those who already know, I have gotten the idea off Evelynn from LoL


Thanks for reading this is my second hero (First was on the old forums), please make a constructive comment\suggestion!

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ulti seems pretty UP, considering that with a few items you could get that leech always, and the R and E seem tanky, when if he is an assassin, he should be squishy with high damage steroids and such


Ok thanks for the advise ill have a look into it


aahhhhhh they yellow it blinds me >.< but really yellow is a bad color with a white background


Ill fix that.


Idk level W lets him have perma 25% movespeed. Thats extremely strong. And like Ben said his ult is complete garbage. Instead of a small lifesteal buff for his ult make it all small offense buffs. like

x amount of attack speed, x amount of attack damage, x amount of movespeed and x amount of lifesteal.


Didn't realise the Cooldown at level 4 was the same as the duration fixing that when i can, as well as the ulti will be fix too


Thank you all for your comments

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