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[Hero] Praetor.Karass


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- Created + Posted!


- 6.0 update


Name: Praetor.Karass

Portrait: Karass

Unit Base: Karass with glowy stuff around him


Script: Karass, rendered dead at the hands of the Queen of Blades, found his spirit laid in the Sanctum, its energies revitalizing him to fight alongside his comrades, Zeratul and Tassadar.


Starting Stats:

Health 250

Movement Speed 2.8

Attack Range 5

Attack Speed 1.7

Damage 43

Armor 2

Strength – 28 + 5 per level

Agility – 22 + 5 per level

Intelligence – *35 + 7* per level






btn-upgrade-protoss-groundarmorl-2.png or btn-upgrade-protoss-airarmorlevel2.png

Heroic Passive: Psionic Shielding

"Karass, unstable in nature at the Sanctum, leaks energy that is formed into general shielding. Units within a 10-unit radius are granted 44 [+17 * Lvl] bonus Shields each time Karass casts an ability, lasting for 10 seconds. These shields stack linearly should Karass cast another ability in that time.

Karass always possesses these shields. After not being in combat for 5 seconds, shields regenerate at a rate of 10% per second."


Effect: Casting => You and allies can take more damage. Additionally, being able to take a pop-shot and suffer nothing for it is quite useful.





Ability One: Surging Plasma

"Karass bolsters the power of his Plasma Shield. On use, a discharge of energy erupts from the target location, damaging enemies and protecting any allies [and Karass] with temporary shields, lasting for 10 seconds. Any damaged enemies have their movespeed and attackspeed slowed by 15% for 4 seconds."

Energy Cost: 70 + 30 per level

Cooldown: 22 seconds

Range: 6 on cast, AoE radius 2


Level 1: Gives Karass 50 (+40% INT) additional permanent shields. Deals 60 (+50% Weapon Damage) damage, and gives 50 (+100% INT) shields.

Level 2: Gives Karass 75 (+50% INT) additional permanent shields. Deals 100 (+50% Weapon Damage) damage, and gives 75 (+100% INT) shields.

Level 3: Gives Karass 100 (+60% INT) additional permanent shields. Deals 140 (+50% Weapon Damage) damage, and gives 100 (+100% INT) shields.

Level 4: Gives Karass 125 (+70% INT) additional permanent shields. Deals 180 (+50% Weapon Damage) damage, and gives 125 (+100% INT) shields.


Effect: Due to this, Karass is granted extra damage and additional survivability, as well as the ability to save an ally from a premature death, by granting them emergency shields, in addition to shields from Karass' Heroic Passive!





Ability Two: Storm Strikes

"Karass' attacks, laden with a plenty of Psionic energy, create a small electrical storm when they impact a target, dealing extra damage to the target and units around the target for 3 seconds. Also on hit, a wind sucks in, drawing any unit within 3 radius of the target 0.75 units closer."

Energy Cost: --

Cooldown: --

Range: Radius 1.5 around target


Level 1: deals 8 (+5% INT) damage each second.

Level 2: deals 12 (+5% INT) damage each second.

Level 3: deals 16 (+5% INT) damage each second.

Level 4: deals 20 (+5% INT) damage each second.


Effect: As Karass' non-heroic passive, I wanted something that would be useful, but not overly so. This ability allows Karass to lane effectively, and also farm effectively, with area of effect attacks and suction.

Note that if the hit unit runs, the storm stays about them (much like Lord.Zyrkhan's Overdrive ability) to DPS any allies of theirs nearby to them.




btn-upgrade-protoss-groundweapon-1.png or btn-techupgrade-terran-particlecann.png

Ability Three: Plasma Pole

"Karass whirls together a pole made of plasma, stunning any enemies that it hits for 1 second and boosting allies' movement speed for 4 seconds. Enemies have their Movement Speed reduced for 4 seconds as well."

Energy Cost: 80 + 30 per level

Cooldown: 16 seconds

Range: Pole is 2 units wide, X units long


Level 1: 5 unit long pole. Deals 60 (+60% INT) damage, and gives 8% Movement Speed.

Level 2: 6 unit long pole. Deals 90 (+60% INT) damage, and gives 12% Movement Speed.

Level 3: 7 unit long pole. Deals 120 (+60% INT) damage, and gives 16% Movement Speed.

Level 4: 8 unit long pole. Deals 150 (+60% INT) damage, and gives 20% Movement Speed.


Effect: A utility spell, allowing you to counter-gank and lane with proper positioning.





Ultimate Ability: Plasma Storm

"Karass unleashes a wild storm of pure plasma, heavily damaging any enemies and slowing those trapped within. Allies that touch the storm are granted shields equal to the damage that this attack would have dealt, but the storm may only grant an ally shields once."

Energy Cost: 25% of maximum energy

Cooldown: 90 seconds

Range: 8 on cast, radius 3 on AoE


Level 1: Deals 100 (+60% INT) damage each second. Lasts for 4 seconds. All enemies in cloud suffer -10% movespeed and attackspeed, effect persists for 3 seconds after most recent damage tick.

Level 2: Deals 135 (+60% INT) damage each second. Lasts for 5 seconds. All enemies in cloud suffer -15% movespeed and attackspeed, effect persists for 3 seconds after most recent damage tick.

Level 3: Deals 170 (+60% INT) damage each second. Lasts for 6 seconds. All enemies in cloud suffer -20% movespeed and attackspeed, effect persists for 3 seconds after most recent damage tick.


Effect: Yeah. Super Psi Storm. The bonus shield effect does proc on creeps, not only heroes.

Incredible ability for farming a whole lane almost instantly, right?




Additional Information




Guardian Steel lets you get energy back and since the shields from your abilities only last for 10 seconds anyways, you might as well get that so as to get energy back for taking damage during your spellcasts.

Argus Crystal because Argus Crystal

Nitrogen Retrofit because of your W

I don't know what else




Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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I've gotten progressively lazier. I have a bunch of documents from the old playsotis.com forum which had a dark-blue background so I haven't updated them to compensate for that little thing. Because it's just color, you can just do Ctrl+A on a Windows to highlight all text and make it white on blue background....

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Yes; meaning that even after a long time he'll still have that small protective barrier. I really gave it to him to protect him while laning as without it Karass does not have really any way to not be owned early-game; so his Heroic Passive serves as an early-mid game boost [late-game though it won't be all that much]; and is pretty useful if you outlevel the opponent a bit.


And to be clear I do mean that he has 44 + 17 * Lvl Shields and that number can be increased by item effects and his spellcasts [for each cast as it details in the ability; he and nearby allies gain an additional 44 + 17 * Lvl Shields]

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