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Hero Suggestion: Harold.Harnack


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Hero Suggested.


Thermite Filaments buffed

Combusto-Plasma changed

Crippling Burn buffed





Name: Harold.Harnack

Portrait: Hellion

Unit Base: Battle Hellion(Heart of the Swarm unit)

Type: DPS [Medium]

Main Stat: Agility

Script: With his brother going MIA in the Guild Wars, Harold decided to join up with the Confederate Military to see if he could find hints of Hanks whereabouts. Years have passed, and no straight answers have been found, only more questions. When the Confederacy collapsed, Harold went AWOL to avoid losing his chance at finding his long-lost brother, either by being re-assigned by the Dominion Army, or executed at his refusal. Recently, though, a tip has lead Harold in a new direction, with renewed hope: Towards old friends and squad members of Hanks. Jim Raynor, and Tychus Findlay.


Starting Stats:


Strength: 18+5

Agility: 20+8

Intellect: 12+4



Health – 230

Movement Speed – 2.85

Attack Range – 4

Attack Speed – 1.65

Damage – 23

Armor – 0

Energy – 0









Heroic Passive: Thermite Filaments

Whenever Harnack attacks an enemy, their armor is reduced by 3. Any armor above the physical resist cap is immediately removed as well.This armor reduction stacks. Lasts 3 seconds, stacks are refreshed when re-applied. In addition, Harnack gains +25 life per level of experience.


As an anti-carry, this passive allows Harnack to do his job very effectively, while not affecting high-hp targets much. The health is meant to allow you to live longer against your chosen prey.




Cost: 70/90/110/130

Cooldown: 15

Range: 6


Harnack blasts fire in a frontal cone, dealing immediate damage to all targets hit, and damaging them over time.

Level 1: Deals 70(+80% weapon damage) immediate damage, and an additional 15%(after mitigation) over 5 seconds.

Level 2: Deals 130(+80% weapon damage) immediate damage, and an additional 20%(after mitigation) over 5 seconds.

Level 3: Deals 190(+80% weapon damage) immediate damage, and an additional 25%(after mitigation) over 5 seconds.

Level 4: Deals 250(+80% weapon damage) immediate damage, and an additional 30%(after mitigation) over 5 seconds.



This is your main damage ability, useful both in farming and killing enemy heroes.





Cost: None

Cooldown: None

Range: Self


Harnacks attacks deal additional spell damage based on the targets mitigation. In addition, Harnack gains physical damage resistance.

Level 1: 30% mitigated damage dealt as spell damage. 12% physical resist.

Level 2: 40% mitigated damage dealt as spell damage. 18% physical resist.

Level 3: 50% mitigated damage dealt as spell damage. 24% physical resist.

Level 4: 60% mitigated damage dealt as spell damage. 30% physical resist.



Harnack is meant to be an anti-carry, as such, his primary targets will most likely be agility based, which gives them a lot of passive armor. This ability will help him damage high-armor heroes until his armor shredding really kicks in. The damage resistance is to allow him to survive against an AA carry longer.




Crippling Burns

Cost: 100/130/160/190

Cooldown: 25

Range: 6


Harnack douses the target in flames, reducing their movespeed and attack speed, while also removing physical leech for 4 seconds.

Level 1: 5% reduced movespeed, 10% reduced attack speed.

Level 2: 6% reduced movespeed, 20% reduced attack speed.

Level 3: 7% reduced movespeed, 30% reduced attack speed.

Level 4: 8% reduced movespeed, 40% reduced attack speed.



Again, an anti-carry mechanic, as well as a slow to help prevent Harnacks targets from out-speeding him.




Need for Speed

Cost: 200

Cooldown: None

Range: Self


Harnack changes his Battle Hellion back into it's vehicle form, increasing movespeed by 20% and giving his abilities additional effectiveness, at the cost of all damage mitigation reduced by 50%. Activate again to return to Battle Hellion mode. Hellion mode also removes the mitigation on Incinerate's DoT effect.

Level 1: 30% boosted effect.

Level 2: 40% boosted effect.

Level 3: 50% boosted effect.



This makes Harnack much, much more scary, but also makes him much more squishy. As such, it would best be used in team fights so Harnack can deal with enemy carries while having others to take the damage for him.




Additional Information


Ability chain to master: Need for Speed>Crippling Burn>Incinerate>AA>Incinerate>AA


(more to come later)






Thoughts/comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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The anti-AA carry is a good concept, however I think that he's a bit to squishy to be able to tank AA heroes long enough to kill them. AA heroes tend to rely on killing the largest threats before they do significant damage.


Although E does reduce their attack speed, the reduction is far from enough. Note that Shade is still able to attack relatively fast even with the 99% slow from shrapnel cloak. Also, most AA heroes tend to have some form of pseudo-invulnerability, such as Zera's ult, Shade's ult and Omnislash, which would render you be unable to fight back.

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If you may notice, 50 HP per level means 900 HP at level 18, which is ridiculously powerful- equivalent to two Xel'Naga Cartilages. It'd be better off with 25 HP per level for a total of 450 HP at level 18, while the armor reduction is 3 per hit, because you won't be able to cut down their armor too fast anyway.

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