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Top players of my era


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Top 5 players of all time:




John/Brew, not sure.



In no particular order.


Per hero:

Drake: Enduros/Puma

Zera: Puma

Jackson: Litanol/Shablagoo

Darpa: Boysarn

Shadow: Catz

Cyprus: Tangstar/Tung

Rory: Blewski/John

Rancor: Litanol

LZ: John

Micro: Masterfwonf

Boros: Svenas

Egon: Boedavilja

Tosh: Varg

Cow: Winghell

Toxi: Tangstar

Tassadar: Brew

Grunty: TungVu

Egon: Boedavilja

Unix: Soedenone

Erekul: Moos

Biotron: Trevize

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Seems like you are not following what I am saying. Anyway, gl with finding people, interested in this thread. I fly away

Oh, and putting yourself for the best player with some hero is kinda...lame...don't you think?

No, I really don't think so, and it wasn't some, it was 1, and it was split. And afaik, you didn't even play in that version, so I think it's time to just ignore this troll, trying to bait a flamewar, not sure why this guy isn't banned yet.
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I have been playing from the very beginning and I am not starting a flamewar, I am just expressing my oppinion about the validity of this topic. Since when is this forbidden?

You've been playing from the very beginning, and still you're this bad? Holy jesus, how is that even possible. And it's opinion btw, not oppinion.
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