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nono lol i havnt always been the best ere and every time i have seen him played he/she has always used sunflare and i am fine using sunslare just curious about a build without one that still is as good or even better then one without one.


Meaning you're currently the best erek in NA, EU and the world?

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Chilling artifact - energy and cooldown reduction so you can spam Q, and armour to tank better,

Nitrogen - Erekel has no serious cc so the slows really help him, plus hp to tank and int for better healing,

Ihan - hp and energy help a fair bit early (maybe even first item). can be sold after you have the bonus stats,

Parallax - debuff immunity is a must when your job is to get into the middle of the enemy,

SHM - for farming and slows with Nitrogen.


Some situational ones, such as Yamato (spell damage and cooldown reduction), Warpshard into SHC (awesome initiate/stun), Shrapnel cloak (stats are exactly what erekel needs IMO) etc. Then there's some other items which are handy if you have a spare slot such as Khadrian Absorber (or w/e it is) so you never run out of energy. Taser and lockbox is nice to disable the enemy too.


That's just off the top of my head though so there may be some better choices than them ^_^

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The main problem with erekul is early stages of game when he has very low hp pool, thats why u should get Olympic Torch as your first or second item and sell it later when with full stacks. U may also consider other snowball items at some point like Ihan or Blue Gene but only if u are not behind.


1. Spell Buffer

2. Olympic Torch

3. Parallax

4. Nitrogen

5. Small Hadron Collider

6. Organic

7. Sell Torch and get sth situational (pyre, taser, electric mantle, shrapnel cloak)

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SHM, PG, LTNS, NR, DST, BP, sell SHM, get EM.


SHM, NR, YR, LTNS, OC, PG, sell SHM, get MT/EM/SB






Just a few non-sfg builds I can think of. Also read if you need work on your AoS acronyms for items.

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