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Name : Acidic Monstrosity

Hero Model : Corruptor

Hero Portrait : Corruptor

Script : A horrible monstrosity created by Egon while experimenting in his lab Monstrosity was freed by Kerrigan ,who had expected him to be one of her ordinary corruptors, he fled from the Queen of blades and went hunting to find the man who had made him into what he was, Egon.





HP : 240

Base Weapon damage : 29

Base Weapon Speed : 1.7

Weapon Animation : Spine crawlers on his back attacking one of the other

Armor : 2

Movement speed : 3.45

Weapon Range : 6

INT : 24 + (3* lvl)

STR : 26 + (4* lvl)

AGI : 35 + (7*lvl)






Heroic Passive : Crazed Assault


Whenever Monstrosity moves 25 units his next spellcast will have an extra ability






Ability 1 (Q) : The Tentacles Of Revenge


[Passive] : For every level, Monstrosity gains a tentacle (Spine crawler) on his back, these spine crawlers are uncontrollable, deal 10 + 1* lvl dmg with a 2 weapon speed, have a range of 4, and attack the target closest to monstrosity.


Monstrosity makes his tentacles go into a frenzy giving them additional attack speed for 4 seconds


[Crazed Assault buff] : Gives his tentacles an 2 unit AoE effect for 4 seconds.


Mana Cost : 90/95/100/105

CD : 19 secs

Range : 6


Level 1 : +20% weapon speed (1.6 weapon speed)

Level 2 : +35% weapon speed (1.3 weapon speed)

Level 3 : +50% weapon speed (1 weapon speed)

Level 4 : +65% weapon speed (0.7 weapon speed)






Ability 2 (W) : Terrifying Roar :


Monstrosity roars with rage slowing units in a 9 unit radius.


[Crazed assault buff] : The roar is so powerful that it knocks nearby enemys back 3 units from Monstrosity


Mana cost : 80

CD : 23

Range : 9 from self


Level 1 : 10% slow

Level 2 : 20% slow

Level 3 : 30% slow

Level 4 : 40% slow






Ability 3 (E) : Spit


[3 Charges] Monstrosity sends a glob of acidic spit at a target dealing damage over 5 seconds


[Crazed Assault Buff] : If Monstrosity uses this ability his next 3 charges will slow for a stacking 10%


Mana Cost : 35/40/45/50

CD : 12 per stack

Range : 5


Level 1 : Deals 30 +(8% of Agi) Spell damage.

Level 2 : Deals 50 +(8% of Agi) Spell damage.

Level 3 : Deals 70 +(8% of Agi) Spell damage.

Level 4 : Deals 90 +(8% of Agi) Spell damage.





Ability 4 ® : Super Tentacle!


Monstrosity fires a tentacle at a target for 5 seconds stunning him and monstrosity for the duration, during this time he takes damage per second.


Mana cost : 200/250/300

CD : 90/70/50

Range : 9


[Crazed Assault Buff] Monstrosity pulls the targeted unit to him.


Level 1 : Deals 200 +(50% of Int) True Damage over 5 seconds

Level 2 : Deals 300 +(50% of Int) True Damage over 5 seconds

Level 3 : Deals 40o +(50% of Int) True Damage over 5 seconds




I apreciate feedback as usual and please dont post comments that are negative but unhelpful, it doesnt help me or anyone.

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Curious choice, to base the passive on movement. I would expect to see people just make this hero go round in circles just to make the passive recharge faster.

Pushing units away on W doesn't seem that useful to me. I guess it could be used for defense if he's running away, I think you should add that pushed units are stunned for 1 second.

I think R should be changed, there's already lots of stun and a ton load of damage Ultis. Perhaps, for a certain amount of time the crawlers turn into spore crawlers, that have massive range, auto target heroes, and shoot faster. You would also be able to control the spores so as to focus down one hero in particular. Damage and duration would increase per level, spores would be able to shoot while corrupt is moving.

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