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- Hero creation began


- HP went from 15% to 6% weapon dmg per sword

- Decreased base dmg on Q

- Reduced weapon dmg and spell resist gained on E passive




Name: Blade-Master.Velun

Unit Base: Dark Templar holding both weapons, one in each hand

Unit Portrait: Dark Templar

Type: Melee dps/Carry

Script: Velun was one of the first Dark Templar from back in the days of Adun. Through the centuries Velun has become a master at all form of combat and seeks to find an worthy opponent. To this day he is still looking, though when he had heard of the Sanctum he left strait away hoping that he could finally find a sparring partner that is worth his time.


Starting Stats:Base

Health [215]

Movement Speed [3]

Attack Range [melee]

Attack Speed [1.65]

Base Damage [40(+15 from last patch)]

Base Armor [2]

Strength – [24] + [4]

Agility – [38] + [7]

Intelligence – [28] + [5]






Heroic Passive: Multi-Blade Proficiency

Not only is Velun Skilled at wielding all weapons he is especially proficient at wielding multiple weapons at the same time. Velun wields 2 weapons and his attacks deal an additional (6%Weapond dmg) weapon dmg for each weapon he is Wielding.

Energy Cost: n/a

Cooldown: n/a

Range: n/a






Ability One: Flying Blades

Velun Hurls his one of his Blades 6 units dealing spell dmg to all units in a line. The Blade will then Stay at that location for 20 seconds before returning to Velun. If Velun is within 8 units of the blade it will fly back to him deal dmg to all units it hits on the way back. If Velun is farther than 8 units away the Blade will teleport back to Velun.

Energy Cost: 1 Blade and 50/60/70/80 energy

Cooldown: 15/12/9/6 seconds

Range: 8

Level 1: Deals 50(+50% weapon dmg) spell dmg in a line

Level 2: Deals 100(+50% weapon dmg) spell dmg in a line

Level 3: Deals 150(+50% weapon dmg) spell dmg in a line

Level 4: Deals 200(+50% weapon dmg) spell dmg in a line


Note: Throw a Blade means that velun is no longer wielding it meaning he loses the 6% additional dmg that it gave him.





Ability two: One with the Blade

Velun has used his blades for a millenium becomeing close to them. His familiarity with them allows him to Dash to any of his weapons that are currently on the field and within an 8 unit range. Velun deals Physical dmg to any enemy unit he passes through on his way to his weapon.

Energy Cost: 45/50/55/60 energy

Cooldown: 12/10/8/6

Range: 8

Level 1: Deals (70% weapon dmg)

Level 2: Deals (80% weapon dmg)

Level 3: Deals (90% weapon dmg)

Level 4: Deals (100% weapon dmg)


Note: Dont get Between Velun and his blades... he doesnt like it.





Ability Three: Undeafeated

Velun has never met an opponent he couldnt beat and as long as he remains alive he gains 1 stack of Undeafeated every minute(maxing at 10 stacks). Upon death Velun loses all stack of Undeafeated.

Energy Cost: passive

Cooldown: passive

Range: self

Level 1: Each stack of undeafeated gives 2 weapon dmg and .6% spell resist

Level 2: Each stack of undeafeated gives 3.5 weapon dmg and .9% spell resist

Level 3: Each stack of undeafeated gives 5 weapon dmg and 1.2% spell resist

Level 4: Each stack of undeafeated gives 6.5 weapon dmg and 1.5% spell resist






Ultimate Ability: Blade Master

Active: For the duration of Blade master Flying Blades and One with the Blade Have a 1 second cd. At the end of Blade master all blades on the field return to Velun (with the same distance restrictions as Flying Blades)

Passive: Velun now wields an additional 1/2/3 blades.

Energy Cost: 150/200/250

Cooldown: 120/90/60 seconds

Range: self

Level 1: Blade master lasts 5 seconds

Level 2: Blade master lasts 7.5 seconds

Level 3: Blade master lasts 10 seconds






Additional Information

- Velun is an auto attack carry that snowballs hard, especially with his E passive and his great scaling on his skills. his HP makes u have to decide if u want high dmg or high mobility as wielding ur weapons increases ur dmg greatly but having them out on the field lets u use One with the Blade to greater efficency.


- A question? i want his dash to be physical dmg procing item effects and what not but i worry that lifesteal will become a problem with the aoe physical dmg?




Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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Do we really need another dark templar carry?

And I think his q and w might be a bit op together just because of the mobility and aoe dmg

And at lvl 18 with the +3 blades from ulti passive and the extra e passive stacked its like 85%more weapon dmg.

This will give him a huge advantage late game over other heros as he's got this insane dmg boost and 6 items while other heros will only have just 6 items. I like the idea and he would be a fun hero to play he just needs some tweaking

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W should pick the blade back up. E is absurd.


infact, all 3 of his passivse are a bit absurd with his ult. he would need 1 AA item (probably a galactic), and then build straight tank, and still do more damage then any other hero.


i dont want it to pick up the blade. i want to make throwing a blade very strategic. so u can throw them out then use them as jumping points and if u make a bad throw then u will be severely punished for the next 20 seconds


is there anyway to adjust the numbers to make him slightly balanced or is the concept to strong?

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well he starts the game with +30% weapon damage from his passive. halve that.

next his w is an aoe blink that scales with 100% weapon damage. nerf pls.

then the max stacks on his E is too high. at ~300 weapon damage (easy since his heroic passive + his ult would give him that much damage with 1 or two machettes), hes giving himself +110% weapon damage. which then turns around and increases the buff (since his weapon dmg is now 630) to +140% weapondamage, and so on. remove the weapon damage scaling and nerf the shap out of it, or make it a flat amount of damage per stack.


his ult is cute and his skill set synergizes nicely, and he looks fun to play, otherwise.



or you could give him horrid early game weapon damage/weapon speed (something like 30 weapon damage at lvl 1, and 2.5 seconds/attack) and thus make him shap until late game where he becomes a AD mage.

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