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July 14, 2012

• Added hero template

• Updated Q

July 15, 2012

• Update and Skill fixes

• Increase health Regen by + 2 from rank 2 and up

• Cleared up ultimate

• Hero, passive lore added.

• Images added







Summon (Fenix.Immortal)



You where zealot working for protoss high Templar, under there command you ordered to destroy zerg mineral line to slow down zerg onslaught. you and 3 other zealots where droped on zerg mineral line, but you decided to betray your fellow zealots out hatred for high Templar, and left in warp prism leaving your ally to die. apon return you where killed on sight by follow zealot, but you resurrected by high Templar, they found your dealings with dark templar and how you had plans to join them. They decided your fat and resurrected you and put you in prison an Immortal husk that requires your very own life force to have any higher functions, also shields are generated in battle and decay. you sentence to serve forever. after managing to escape your sentence on Aiur with fellow dark Templar zeratul you been brought to Aeon of Storms where you find fitting to spend rest of your lifetime at at battle where your sentence is no longer curse but blessing.


Strength - High + High Gained Per Level (Main Attribute)

Agility - Very Low + Low Per Level

Intelligence - Medium + Medium Gain Per Level


Learns Skil E>Q>W and Ultimate when you can



Attack range of 6

Movement speed of 2.45







Affiliation: Former Protoss High Templar Footmen

Role: Tank/Caster

Theme: Resurrected Zealot



Immortal Model


Starting Hitpoints: 290 + (High * 19)

Starting Mana: NA

Starting Damage: 65

Starting Armor: (Very Low/ 7) + Low







heroic Passive: The Damned Shields

30% damage dealt is converted to shields. Maximum shield strength is 60 + (35* level), shield decays 3% per second.


This is your tomb that you been imprison by you old zealot superiors. for your betrayal you been sentenced to serve in this damned immortal husk where you must serve by fighting to charge your shields you start your service on Aiur where your service will be to cleanse zerg infestation. You have been sentence to death by service to Protoss High Templar. Your Suit drains your life force to have any higher functions, you will feel pain to continue your service you must be made to suffer.




AIM to Kill


Charges next auto attack to deal bonus damage and hit an additional targets or stronger hit against single target


Level 1 - Deals 125 + (45% weapon damage) against single target, deals 80 + (25% weapon damage) damage against single target + 50+ (20% weapon damage) up to 2 additional targets.

Level 2 - Deals 150 + (45% weapon damage) against single target, deals 100 + (25% weapon damage) damage against single target + 70+ (20% weapon damage) up to 3 additional targets.

Level 3 - Deals 175 + (45% weapon damage) against single target, deals 120 + (25% weapon damage) damage against single target + 90+ (20% weapon damage) up to 4 additional targets.

Level 4 - Deals 200 + (45% weapon damage) against single target, deals 140 + (25% weapon damage) damage against single target + 110 + (20% weapon damage) up to 5 additional targets.


This your main fighting skill, projectiles shoot out from target hitting additional targets and dealing damage, additional targets can only be hit once hitting less targets waste damage skills has 2 damage type,

one for single target and one for addition targets Deals 125 against single target this is part skill allows you deal more damage to hero as you focus your blast on him alone.

deals 70 damage against single target + 40 up to 2 additional targets. this allows you to last hit creeps or potentially kill fleeing hero by hitting creep and having projectile the addition target hitting hero dealing 40 damage and possible killing him.



Casting Range is Self

Projectile search range 320

Charging time 1.5 secs

Duration 20 secs

Comparison Bio Tron Civilian Take Down


Cooldown: 9/8/7/6

Health Cost: 25/40/55/70





Sheild OverLoad


Removes shields gain health regen for 8 secs and passive damage enemy over next 5 secs, shield overload does not produce shields.


Level 1 - 20+ (60* shields %) + 0.25 INT per tick, health regen gain 19.2

Level 2 - 40 + (65* shields %) + 0.25 INT per tick, health regen gain 24.4

Level 3 - 80 + (70* shield %) + 0.25 INT per tick, health regen gain 27.6

Level 4 - 160 + (75* shield %) + 0.25 INT per tick, health regen gain 30.8


Allows you to deal damage, and regain small amount health. with no spell leech you and at level 1 Regen 83.6 health, This skill allows you to burn off any unwanted or not needed shield to go on offensive.


Casting Range is Self

Comparison Brine Adrenalin rush, Item Super Heated Mantle


Cooldown: 30/25/20/15

Health Cost: 70/100/130/150





Blast of destruction


Skill Deals AOE damage and generates shield per unit hit


Level 1 - 70 + 0.25% INT AOE damage, + 6 shields per unit hit

Level 2 - 130 + 0.25% INT AOE damage, + 9 shields per unit hit

Level 3 - 190 + 0.25% INT AOE damage, + 12 shields per unit hit

Level 4 - 250 + 0.25% INT AOE damage, + 15 shields per unit hit


this main shield generating skill. allows you to befit from fighting against hero and minion wave instead being worst off hitting entire enemy creep wave early game gives roughly. This skill allows you to harass enemy hugging to tower


Casting Range is slightly larger than toxi Q.

Targeting is Toxi Q.

Cone is smaller than toxi Q

Comparison Toximancer Venomous reflux


Cooldown: 10

Health Cost: 35/50/70/95





Rise the Dead


target enemy hero to rise as your minion, and dealing DOT for targets maximum health, when target dies. The enslaved soul of target fights for Fenix team, and has 75% of Fenixs stats and health and 25% weapon damage. enslaved souls proc all items and are control able.


Level 1 - Initial spell damage 11%+ 0.05 INT, 1.2% + 0.003 INT damage per sec

Level 2 - Initial spell damage 14%+ 0.05 INT, 1.45% + 0.003 INT damage per sec

Level 3 - Initial spell damage 17%+ 0.05 INT, 1.7% + 0.003 INT damage per sec


When enemy dies there soul becomes slave to you, you can controlled the now deceased hero to your whim. may it be attacking towers or killing enemy team with there own carry. enslaved soul have only 25% of fenix weapon damage.


Duration is 10 secs

Casting Range is 620

Animation Time is 1.5


Cooldown: 150/125/110

Cost: NA


Skills can still be used even when when low health you just be reduce to 1 health.



Ill do some more later. and fix few balance issues. and make it prettier. once i have it down. also images. ecter. once i find images. ecter. like some feed back but he not even finished yet.

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It seems pretty interesting. The level 3 and 4 Q are the same. The ultimate is game breaking. Plain and simple. It would be too easy to phase cloak ulti then have the enemy hero walk into a tower next to your allies. Or even make them attack Levi at lvl 6..

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its only when they die you can controll them not before. its also ghost of player a copy. anyway i could change it to ressurect team member instead enemy. that might make it interesting mark freindly to respawn for 10 secs to have revenge for people who killed him. still i need do balancing after once everything else done :D. requires time to balance hero.

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This is a bit confusing. His heroic passive is just a much better of Roulette.Jackson's Reactive Shields, which give 10% damage in shield over 10 seconds. Note that maximum shields is 850, which can continuously be regenerated easily due to the 30% damage factor.


A usual effect when replacing an auto-attack with a greater attack is to let the ability scale with weapon damage. A 10 second cooldown at level 1 is pathetic, but a 4 second cooldown at level 4 is overwhelming. 9/8/7/6 would do much better in my opinion. Also, you might want to mention how long your hero will be charging the attack, or is it instant? How will the damage bounce to nearby enemies?


I don't fully understand the health regeneration ability. I think it may need further clarification.


Blast of destruction's damage is adequate, but the shield regeneration is confusing. You gain 15 [+250*30%] or 90 shields per unit hit, which is not so bad, but the scaling of the damage is not stated properly. It is better to keep the cooldown a flat 10 seconds at all levels in my opinion. Mentioning the cast range and area of effect in radius might help.


I am still confused with the ultimate, but it seems quite overpowered how you can resurrect enemies with the full benefit of item effects and abilities, just less durability.

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When i have chance ill be doing balancing according to current hero. with similar ability like bio tron and his civilian claymore or is it take down. with his. E it be cone in front him, and has animation time 1 sec. the damages are just there as quick random numbers i put there as benchmark for latter when i compare him to other hero. firstly i need images, and then write lore. so far this my only hero and im sticking just to one. now im going onto sc2 wiki. see what images and lore i can find :P. yes and shields do decay that is he loses 3.5% shields every sec but at level 18 that only 29.75 so i think shields need Nerf and decay needs buff to only 500-600, with 2.9% decay. his E could be compared to toxi Q. and bio tron throw. it need do more damage than toxi Q as it hits less targets while toxi hits all. with Q it bounces like kerrigans glave worms. it be same mechanic instead glave worms just giant projectiles like tassadar Q on his hand.

EDIT: updated skills and added more description to ultimate make it more clearer my intentions with it.

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