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So, earlier i was trying to fiddle with the testmode. and i couldnt find out wtf im supposed to do

or what i can do in it thats different than usual other than the fact that its not recorded on my record.


So, what can i do?

What are single player commands?

What single player commands can i use?

Whats your favorite color?


Thank you.

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what you can do: go single player and do what i will write down, or go multiplayer and type -tm, if everyone type -tm all players are in test mode.

single payer commands: they are commands that you can type for different purposes: -hl (to block your hero so you will not missclick), -fruits 1,2,3 etc (to make appear a fruit on your head), -test, -lvl, -hero, -money, -lb, -r, -e, you can alsto type -help lb, -help r etc if you wanna know what they do.

single player commands you can use: -test, -lvl 18(or whatever), -money, -hero rancor (or whatever). You can also type -help test, -help money, for more help.

favorite color: black

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Man...there is a thread for it in Guides (edit: CapricorN already said it), or just look at my signature!


Obelisks are heroic, but not heroes. So in range they hinder Phantom Menace to work, but don't let you stack Torch/Valor/Gene if you kill them.

Maybe make them count as heroes too?

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