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Shrapnel Cloak


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its useless item, active it will disarmed ur weapon damage, so during the 3sec duration, ur weapon damages reduced to 0,then enemy in an area take 300 spell damage.

its also glitched sometime that won't trigger the 300 damage when u activate it.


NO hero are better countered with this item.



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*EDIT* Looks like the op was asking about mechanics - this item DISABLES auto attacks - aka if someone rights clicks on you they will walk up to you and NOT be able to attack. So that shadow is Stepping strike all around you, you can't target him down, just pop a shrapnel and he will stand there like an idiot so you can kill him.


It does not prevent spells from being cast, obviously.


One of the best items in the game IMO - get a few of these on your team's support heroes and that shadow/nova/darpa will not be able to engage. This item is almost a necessity against Shadow since you won't be able to target him otherwise...

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So does this mean that attacks are shown but have zero damage effect or do they stop attacking all together? I have seen it used but have still seen attacks visuals happening. I haven't really had a chance to scope the damage effect to see if maybe the attacks just do zero damage


The attack visuals dont even happen. Nothing happens

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Shrapnel is an especially good counter to heavy leech based AA and shadowmourne


buys you 3 seconds to dish out some hurt (often is enough time to pick off most AA heros esp if you combo it with a stun/silence), and more importantly unlike executioners axe it wont come back to bite you in the ass when someone shadowmournes you (assuming you are a leecher yourself)


Sucks to have your leech canceling proc on yourself :P


Is one of my fav items on cain vs other AA's, bc you can shrapnel and E for some massive damage and freeze them with Q right as the shrapnel wears off for another round (or do the reverse, freeze and E then shrapnel as they start fighting back to finish it)


Most leechers don't run when shrapneled for some reason, they wait it out so their leech can kick back in


Def is best to have at least 2 shrapnels on your team if you are going this route as a counter to an AA team, bc 6 seconds is more than enough time to kill off most AA heroes

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