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status effects and shadowmourne


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So this is kind of random but if I for example attack someone with shrinkray and shadowmourne in my gear, does the shadow that spawns get affected with the debuff from shrinkray as well (not asking if the shadow has the literal debuff but rather whether it copies the attack of the player at the time the debuff was applied and thus does 35% less damage)


I know shadows proc effects and whatnot, but Ive never tested to see if they carry over stat changes

I suppose the same could be said if someone was shriveled or something


Anyone know how this would work?

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These debufs won't effect shadow.


Are you sure on this?, I tried it today and the shadows seemed to do significantly less damage than normal


I couldnt exactly ask my opponent to let me hit them with and without, but when I ditched shrink ray shadow damage seemed to go up

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