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Impact Dial on Jakk.Summers


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LOL hoping to score kills with massive mine fields is quite new user and usually only works on new users. That is not how you use them. Early on you can use them in combat with good micro, but later in the game you use them as a siege weapon when pushing towers (put them below the ramp so enemy is pinned in and have your team camp the minefields). Even if they have detection, they risk taking terrrrible damage trying to eliminate them one way or another.


As to impact dial, I have gotten it on Jakk moreso for rushing close to an enemy then throwing down a mine field and forcing them to either run or stand ground as his mine field is quite easy to avoid if Jakk can't close the distance first with a warp shard/impact dial or simply far superior speed.


And also dialing an enemy through your minefield also can do a lot of damage, but is not a reliable tactic while blinking up close and throwing your minefield at close range is.

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