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StarCraft II question


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When I try to play without internet, I have that option blocked, I mean, I can't play without connection, and I cant play in the "guest mode" I don't know why, can anyone help me? Right now EU servers were closed, but I can't even play alone without connection #_#


I hope anyone of you can help me

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Your SC2 is always messed up is it not? =\


lol yes, I don't know what's wrong, I always could do that, I like it because you can open games blocked or closed if you play the guest mod, and I did it to discover tons of bugs in the last beta


anyway, and maybe that's stupid, I've only downloaded 96% of starcraft, and that's maybe the problem (?) lol i never finish the download coz I dl like 160 kb per sec and i need hours ~_~


but please if anyone know anything answer me, maybe the problem is related with the Variables.txt in the starcraft folder or something... idk

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